Cops with Negro Fatigue Taze and Beat a Negro for Jaywalking

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
April 6, 2018

So the website Denver Post wants me to make an account or get behind their paywall. I’m not going to do that. You can if you want, but all the important stuff is in the video.

The breakdown of the video is some nog was jaywalking, the cops stopped him and asked him to stop jaywalking, then he immediately starts to jaywalk again.

The cops stop him again, ask “wtf bro we just talked to you about this,” to which the negro responded “SHEEIT MUFUGGAH I JUS GOT OFF WORK N SHEEIT I AINT GOT NO TIME FO DIS.”

The cops tried to detain him, he ran, cops chased, zapped him with the stun gun, then smacked him around a bit for good measure.

I think at this point a these cops are getting really heavy negro fatigue and just want shit to kick off.