Cops Pry Gun From Cold Dead Hands of Old Man After They Murder Him

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 11, 2018

The police decided to come a’knocking on an American’s door, demanding that he surrender his firearm because of a “red flag” protective order.

He refused.

The Baltimore Sun:

Two Anne Arundel County police officers serving one of Maryland’s new “red flag” protective orders to remove guns from a house killed a Ferndale man after he refused to give up his gun and a struggle ensued early Monday morning, police said.

The subject of the protective order, Gary J. Willis, 60, answered his door in the 100 block of Linwood Ave. at 5:17 a.m. with a gun in his hand, Anne Arundel County police said. He initially put the gun down next to the door, but “became irate” when officers began to serve him with the order, opened the door and picked up the gun again, police said.

There is not a person in America who is happy to have to interact with the police, especially when they come to your house and start demanding you surrender your firearm.

A fight ensued over the gun,” said Sgt. Jacklyn Davis, a police spokeswoman.

One of the officers struggled to take the gun from Willis, and during the struggle the gun fired but did not strike anyone, police said. At that point, the other officer fatally shot Willis, police said.

Neither officer was injured, police said, and neither of their names was released.

Davis said she did not know whether anyone else was in the home at the time, and she did not know who had sought the protective order against Willis.

The “red flag” protective orders are officially known as emergency risk protection orders, and may be sought by family members, police or others to temporarily prohibit people’s access to firearms when they show signs that they are a danger to themselves or others. The law took effect Oct. 1. 

This is where the story takes a turn for the macabre.

So, if I’m reading this correctly, the police got a “red flag” protective order to take away someone’s firearm. These cops didn’t know who issued the order or why, but because they didn’t like the attitude of the man answering the door, they decided to kill him?

And now they won’t even explain who issued out the red flag. Or why.

A spokeswoman for the Maryland Judiciary denied a request to see any and all requests for protection orders made at the residence on Linwood Avenue, citing the law, which states that anything related to an order is confidential unless the court rules otherwise.

Police had come to the house Sunday night to speak with Willis, a longtime resident of the neighborhood, said Michele Willis, who was on the scene Monday morning and identified herself as his niece. She attributed that visit by police to “family being family” but declined to elaborate.

She said one of her aunts requested the protective order to temporarily remove Willis’ guns.

A cool wine aunt called the cops on her own family and got him killed.

Michele Willis said she had grown up in the house and had been there Sunday night to move out her son, who had been helping to care for her grandmother.

Her uncle, Gary Willis, lived in an apartment above the garage; she said other family members, including her grandmother, another uncle, two aunts and Gary Willis’ girlfriend were also at the home Sunday night.

She said her uncle “likes to speak his mind,” but she described him as harmless.

That means he was a Trump supporter. As good as dead. 

“I’m just dumbfounded right now,” she said. “My uncle wouldn’t hurt anybody.” 

Dumbfounded? I would be mad tbh. Some cops just waltzed into your uncle’s home and murdered him in cold blood, woman…

What to even make of this story?

Anne Arundel County reported 19 such “red flag” petitions in October, tied with Harford County for the most in the state, according to a report on requests made under the new law by Montgomery County Sheriff Darren M. Popkin. The state has reported 114 petitions overall.

Is there really a new law that allows courts to just take away guns from people who have been “red flagged”?

Apparently, there is. 


Red flag laws give the police the right to confiscate firearms from a person without due process through something called an extreme risk protection order. All it takes for a judge to issue an extreme risk protection order is one person stating that the subject is a danger to themselves or others.

With extreme risk protection orders, authorities do not give the accused a chance to rebuke the charges before a judge issues the order to take the accused person’s firearms.

The first red flag law was passed in Connecticut 1999 but did not spread until recently. In fact, before this year only five states had red flag laws. Before 2014, only 2 states had the laws on the books. Now 13 states have red flag laws. 

If so, then this is the day that the NRA has talked about for years…

And that means… “anti-social” elements are going to get their guns taken away soon.

The fact of the matter is that most gun owners are going to hand over their guns when the police come to their house, demanding that they do so.

Because at that point, you only have two options:

1. Have a shootout with the police

2. Surrender your gun

One ends in death, even if you survive the first wave and the other lets you live a little longer.

Most people will go with option 2 because they don’t have something really meaningful to fight and give their lives up for.

But I could be wrong.