Cops Gone Wild: Brutal Canadian Stormtroopers Attack Female Stormtrooper Cosplayer, Say They Thought Blaster was Real

One of the most troubling parts of this lockdown is the way that the police have gone completely insane. Apparently, they were just waiting to act like this as soon as they could do so without consequences.

Imagine what it’s going to be like a year from now, when they’ve spent all that time behaving like this without consequences.

Canadian cops just surrounded and pointed guns at a woman who was dressed up in a Star Wars Stormtrooper outfit. She was working at a restaurant on May 4th, which is some kind of Star Wars holiday, and the cops claim they believed her toy blaster was a real gun. Because allegedly cops think there is a real gun that looks like a plastic toy from Star Wars.

“Sometimes you really have to use common sense,” Brad Whalen, owner of the Coco Vanilla Galactic Cantina in the city of Lethbridge in Alberta, told CTV News. “When all the things fit in the box—you’ve got the signs, you’ve got the music, the atmosphere. A duck is a duck when it’s walking like a duck.”

Yeah, she was for sure a duck.

The woman, named by CTV as simply “Ashley,” was instructed by Whalen to dance with the toy blaster in the parking lot. (Apparently they’re not totally locked down in Alberta?)

The police defended their actions. They claimed that someone called them saying someone was dancing around in a parking lot with a gun. It seems unlikely that is true, and sounds more like they made that up to make it sound like someone other than them thought that toy was real and that a potential mass shooter (or whatever it is they’re claiming to think she was) decided to dress up in a costume and dance around in a parking lot.

This is the costume:

This is the scene when the police surrounded her:

This fat guy was yelling that it was a costume (but of course the cops could see it was a costume):

They then felt the need to rush her, and attack her, while she was already on the ground:

Like everyone isn’t having a hard enough time with this lockdown, these pieces of shit go and do this to someone trying to have a little bit of fun and bring some happiness to the children and the community. This is vile beyond words, and every single one of these low IQ morons involved with this should be in prison. This is one of the most disgusting things I’ve seen throughout this lockdown, and I believe that as this continues, the most disgusting things are going to be coming from the cops.

Whether these cops are sadists or if they are simply faggot cowards who have no idea what is going on in reality is actually irrelevant. They are dangerous, unhinged people, who have been unleashed on the public like a pack of rabid dogs.

This comes after video was released of cops going buckwild on blacks in New York, who they claimed were not “social distancing,” which apparently gives them legal permission to attack them and beat them up on the street.

Then you have the situation in San Diego, where the cops are hunting down a man who as a joke wore a KKK hood in a supermarket. The cops have said he committed a crime and they’re going to arrest him if they can find him, though they haven’t said what crime it was.

We are now locked in with these people. They can do whatever they want to us. And they’re going to.

The more negative reactions they receive from the public, the more they will view themselves at war with the public. The psychology of state police (as opposed to a local sheriff) is gang psychology. They view themselves as an in-group and everyone else as part of an out-group, and they will always circle the wagons against the public.

They also tend to be low IQ, with sadistic personality traits.

Cops have emailed me before and complained about a negative portrayal of cops on this site. Well, I don’t know what to say. Obviously, I’m sure some are good people, just like I’m sure some of the blacks they’ve been at war with for decades are good people. But as a group, cops are an extremely destructive force.

The cops are the only way the government is able to do anything. If there were not people willing to threaten, to menace, to extort, to harm and to murder their fellow citizens in the name of the government, none of this tyranny would be happening.

The American police system should have been kept at the level of elected sheriff and his deputies. That was something where it really was people from the community protecting the community from criminals and keeping order. City and State cops, however, exist to enforce the will of the government onto the people against the will of the people.

They are an overwhelmingly negative force, and we’re all going to find that out. Right now, they are allowed to do whatever they want to you, and it’s only going to keep getting worse. Alex Jones always talks about the military being on the street, and I’m sure they will do that in some cases, but the cops are already militarized.

Alex has been talking about this for years and years.

He documented the whole thing.

You should watch these documentaries, they’re great.

Police State 2000

Police State 2: The Takeover

Police State 3: Total Enslavement

Martial Law 9/11: Rise Of The Police State

Police State 4: The Rise of FEMA

Say what you want about Alex Jones, but this is really shaping up to be everything he said it was going to be. It’s a shame that he taints his material with goofy stuff about the Chinese. But if you ignore that, it’s basically all exactly what happened.

I didn’t really envision this brutal virus state where people are force vaccinated, locked in their houses, implanted with computer chips and attacked on the street for doing Star Wars cosplay.

But here we are.