Cops Drag 93-Year-Old Grandma Out of Her Own Home Then Jail Her for “Trespassing”

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
December 16, 2017

America is the most tyrannical nation in the world. Especially if you’re white.

It isn’t the disturbing image of a 93-year-old grandma in an orange jump suit and handcuffs alone. What makes the rulers of America so unique in their evil is the contrast of this or Daniel Shaver’s execution with the illegal alien who murdered Kate Steinle getting acquitted, and the state of Chicago letting one of the blacks who tortured a disabled white kid off with probation.

Real crime goes unpunished if your victim is white. Fake crime gets punished harshly, also if you’re white (see Charlottesville).

With rent prices rising and a generation of children (baby boomers) that believes it’s okay to throw the elderly away like trash, senior citizens in the USA have trouble staying independent and keeping their homes.

Nobody advocates for the white elderly. Housing activists, who are as a rule Judeo-Leftist assholes and anti-white, are only interested in getting free houses for able bodied black people, transsexuals, or infinite numbers of refugees (and there’s never enough).

That’s why we should take this cause up.

Orlando Sentinal:

Juanita Fitzgerald was spared having to spend her 94th birthday in the Lake County jail when she was released Thursday after having been locked up for two days in the medical ward.

The trouble started when Fitzgerald was evicted Tuesday from the senior housing community at the National Church Residences’ Franklin House in Eustis. Police said she was given notice of her eviction the day before, but she refused to leave the lobby.

“Unless you carry me out of here, I’m not going anywhere,” she told police before being arrested Tuesday morning, the report shows.

Lake County sheriff’s spokesman Fred Jones said a deputy on the scene tried to connect Fitzgerald with family members and other housing resources, but she refused. He added that she also rejected an offer of a place to stay from a nurse who was there.

Eustis police showed up shortly after the eviction notice was served. Spokesman Jim Franquiz said officers offered several options to find housing for her elsewhere, but Fitzgerald did not want to move.

On Thursday, Fitzgerald was released from jail by a judge on her own recognizance and was being turned over to a caregiver, Lake County Sheriff’s Office spokesman John Herrell said.

Fitzgerald, whose birthday is Friday, is facing charges of trespassing after a warning, Lake County authorities said.

A spokeswoman with Franklin House, Karen Twinem, said the independent living community followed protocol in the weeks leading up to her arrest. Franklin House has 46 residents. It’s part of National Church Residences, a religious housing nonprofit based in Ohio.

“Juanita lived in an independent living community, and our action was based on our overriding concern for her own safety,” Twinem said in a statement.

She added that the residence “spent months working with Juanita, collaborating with other agencies in the area and presenting her with safe housing options.” Twinem did not specify why Fitzgerald was being evicted.

If she is fit enough to stay with a nurse, why not just get her help at her own home?

Maybe there’s a good reason for why they had to evict her, but they’re not making it public. That means there isn’t a good reason and it’s probably more about negligent black home health aides who want her gone.

Whatever the details are, there’s no reason to put a woman in her 90s in jail for not wanting to be randomly evicted from her home. The charges against her ought to be dropped!

If this is the injustice it looks like, imagine if some blackshirts showed up with shields to back her up. The cops would either back off and negotiate or be forced to escalate and look even worse than they already are.

Building a revolution starts with solidarity. We live under a system run by white-hating criminals. If we don’t stick up for the most voiceless in our communities, nobody will.