Cop Tazed 11-Year-Old Sheboon for Shoplifting – Followed All Proper Guidelines

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
August 13, 2018

Donesha Gowdy.

What’s the problem here? A suspect was fleeing and not responding and he was told it was acceptable to taze children over the age of seven.

What was he supposed to do? Tackle her?

I’m pretty sure that if a fully grown man tackled an 11-year-old girl her bones would break when she hit the ground. Possibly cause severe internal damage also (specifically in the head, if it hits the ground).

Cops must taze criminal niglets to save their life and prevent long-lasting (potentially permanently) debilitating injury.


An 11-year-old girl who was suspected of stealing food from a Cincinnati supermarket was tased by an off-duty police officer on Monday night.

The girl, who was suspected of stealing items from a Kroger store, was shocked with a Taser stun gun after she allegedly ignored an officer and started to walk away, Cincinnati police said in a statement.

“It hit my back real fast and then I stopped, then I fell and I was shaking and I couldn’t really breathe,” the girl, Donesha Gowdy, told NBC News in an interview alongside her mother. “It’s just like you’re passing out but you’re shaking.”

The fourth-grader said that she did not try to fight the officer and that she was not aggressive toward him.

The officer who stunned the child was identified as Kevin Brown, 55, in court documents. Police said he was working off-duty as a security guard.

Cincinnati police department procedure says officers should avoid using tasers on children under 7 or on people over 70.