Cop Shoots Monkey Man After Ape Shot Him with a Revolver and Yelled “I Dindu Nuffin!”

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
April 4, 2018

This monkey literally yelled “I dindu nuffin!” after pulling a gun and shooting at the cop.

Memes are real life.

Daily Mail:

Police have released bodycam footage of an officer leaning through a car inches from a female passenger to shoot at a suspect who pulled a gun.

Suspect Elijah Eubanks, 20, is hospitalized in stable condition after drawing a revolver and firing once at police in Louisville, Kentucky at around 1am on Saturday, officials said at a press conference.

The incident unfolded at the Breckinridge Square Apartments, where residents complained to an off-duty officer who lives in the complex about an unfamiliar car with suspicious individuals inside.

The off-duty officer called the complaint in, and Louisville Metro PD patrol officers Ian Stuart and Eric Goldschmidt responded to the scene.

The two officers approached the parked suspicious vehicle, a blue SUV, and found two males and one female inside, bodycam footage shows.

‘Why are you harassing me sir?’ asks Eubanks.

‘We had a call of suspicious individuals, nobody recognized in this car,’ Goldschmidt replies’

‘This is her mom’s house, this is his car’ says Eubanks, pointing at the other occupants of the car.

‘Alright well chill for a second, and we’ll talk to you. If everything’s fine then we don’t have a problem,’ replies Goldschmidt.

Eubanks repeatedly refused to exit the car. From the driver’s side, Stuart unlocks the vehicle’s doors and Goldschmidt opens the passenger’s door

‘Oh s**t! Gun! Gun gun gun!’ shouts Goldschmidt, sprinting for cover.

Multiple shots ring out.

On the driver’s side, Stuart leans through the open window of the back seat and fires at Eubanks through the vehicle, inches from the female passenger, who is still sitting inside.

Eubanks is struck by the gunfire and falls to the ground.