Cop Killing Black Bragged He Would Kill Cops if They Tried to Stop Him from Throwing Bricks

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
November 8, 2017

Demetrius Blackwell.

Standard African behavior patterns.

New York Post:

A Queens man on trial for gunning down NYPD Officer Brian Moore arrogantly told a neighbor he would shoot any cops who tried to stop him tossing bricks through the man’s window, the neighbor testified Monday.

“I saw Demetrius throwing bricks through my daughter’s bedroom window, and I say, ‘I call the police,’ ” Winston Walford told jurors as alleged cop killer Demetrius Blackwell looked on stonily.

“He say he don’t care. He say he don’t care about the police,” the 52-year-old recalled Monday. “He say he was going to pop them and he was going to pop me too.”

Walford called police, and Blackwell fired on Moore and his partner, prosecutors said. The 25-year-old cop was shot through the head.

Brian Moore.