Coon on Coon Crime: Black Lives Matter Protester Beats a Raccoon to Death as Mob Cheers

Raccoon run over and beaten by a mob in NYC from ActualPublicFreakouts

In a viral video posted to reddit’s “Actual Public Freakouts” board, a pack of coons can be seen attacking an innocent pedestrian on the streets of New York City.

The clip shows a raccoon being hit by a car before a black man who is involved in some kind of Black Lives Matter revelry beats it to death with a club, purely out of the sadistic pleasure he’s able to derive from the act of torture.

Apparently, the people who saw the video did not think much of the coons involved. Comments led to two dozen bannings, with a mod eventually putting up a warning that comments should not be racist, and implying that people of any race would torture a raccoon to death like this. He asked that people continue to report the evil people who have become fatigued by the behavior of these blacks.

The mod, called HannibalK, then included the definition of “actual” for some reason.

“All men are created equal” is a phrase popularized by the Founding Fathers, all of whom owned slaves, so the common usage of these words clearly does not mean what he is implying it means. In fact, it is a phrase completely unrelated to race or any other progressivist concept, and indeed was a poetic way of stating the intension of “equality under the law.” They would be appalled and confused by the suggestion that there was a bizarre racial message there.

The Founding Fathers were certainly sharper than reddit mods, because the video shows that blacks are not created equally to whites, at the very least in the way they treat raccoons.