Convicted LGBTP Murderers Could Get New Trial Just Because They Have HIV

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
November 10, 2017

So Charlie Sheen is being accused of being the pedo-fag who raped 13-year-old Corey Haim. If solid evidence ever emerges, the clowny new act at Ringling Brothers’ Big-Nose Circus now offers a new Kevin Spaceyesque invincibility cheat: “But I have HIV!”

A judge who once made an off-hand comment about HIV is now being pounced upon by Judenpress and anti-human activists. After overseeing murder trials involving violent sociopathic homosexuals, the system is looking to overturn the court’s rulings.

The reason to grant the guilty criminals a new trial? They have HIV.

Think Progress:

A retired California judge allegedly refused to read motions from a defendant charged with murder because he was HIV positive and would have licked the envelope in which the documents were sealed. “Lord knows where his tongue has been,” Riverside County Superior Court Judge David B. Downing allegedly said during the trial in 2012.

Now, thanks to secret recordings the defendant made — since sealed by the court — that defendant could get a new trial. If he does, many of Downing’s other cases may be open to new scrutiny as well.

Kaushal Niroula and Daniel Garcia were two of six men who were either convicted or confessed to conspiring to con — and ultimately murder — a lonely rich socialite. They chose to defend themselves in court, which meant that when the court took breaks, they were taken back to holding cells and had no representative in the courtroom during those periods of time. But Niroula had been secretly recording the proceedings for some seven weeks on his laptop, which remained running in the courtroom during those breaks.

Niroula was caught and the recordings seized, but not before both men had listened to the exchange when Downing allegedly said he refused to interact with envelopes the gay, HIV-positive man may have licked. What is captured in the court transcript, however, is an exchange in which Garcia confronted Downing about making the remarks. The judge never denied making them, and in fact argued, “The First Amendment protects judges.” When Niroula confronted him in court a few weeks later, he offered the same counter: “I can say what I want. The First Amendment protects me.”

I’ve been stressing this since Charlottesville: we need Alt-Right lawyers. A lot of them. There ought to be a scholarships where we all pitch in to send responsible and talented kids to school for it.

After journalism and entertainment, it’s the legal profession that is most top-heavy with Jews and J-left extremists. Most of the latest generation of lawyers will actively refuse to take up the case of an innocent nationalist dissident, while at the same time there are plenty of lawyers willing to invest infinite hours of work (often pro bono) trying to figure out how to get gay murderers out of prison just because they’re gay. That’s HIV privilege!

Any person born after the 80s really has to go out their way to get HIV. I won’t get into details but even when engaging in sodomy with an infected person, it requires extra extreme masochism and savagery with scores of anonymous men to get “the gift.” It makes you think: what’s in it for them? A good part of bug-chasing is that fags are just sick and psychotic and see it as a “rite of passage.”

But another part is the amount of privileges and reverence pozzed people get in America. If the homosexual is Weimerica’s ideal citizen (mindless consumer, no children, totally consumed by compounding problems in his life), the queer with the biohazard tattoo is its pinnacle expression.

A limitless number of “AIDS advocacy groups” embedded in our institutions (thanks to Jews) ensure faggots with HIV are first in line for subsidized housing, get a leg up when applying for a job and other hidden goodies from the US clown government.

If you’re elderly or are struggling to support your family on your lower middle class wages, well the solution is simple: turn queer and get AIDS!

Bow before Zion’s lesser aristocracy!