German Soccer Player Joshua Kimmich Demands Long-Term Studies Before Taking Vax

Joshua Kimmich isn’t even against the vax on principle, he just wants long-term studies before putting it into his body.

This is the way you do it.

Instead of just saying “nigga, I ain’t is been gonna be is took dat shit, muthafakkkah!” – you pretend to talk in the language of The Science.

Just start babbling, using various buzzwords: “the hypothesis function of the polymer cubicle metric millimeter diagnosis, the forceps funnel the pap-smear. I want to see the fluid sample from the control test group of the genetic hyper-load. I’ve detected a malignant cellular disruption in the alpha quadrant. Portal bridge.”

Just rattle that off and The Science will sit back, fold its hands and say “well played…”


Bayern Munich soccer star Joshua Kimmich has found himself at the center of a debate in Germany over the merits of vaccination against the coronavirus.

The 26-year-old Kimmich, tipped as a future Germany captain for his leadership qualities, confirmed over the weekend that he is yet to be vaccinated against COVID-19 because of his own concerns about “a lack of long-term studies” into the effects of the vaccines.

Kimmich said he was still considering it and that it was “very possible that I will get vaccinated.”

His comments were welcomed by the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, which has consistently opposed measures against the coronavirus, while they led to dismay among those who are banking on vaccines as a route back toward normalcy at a time when infection rates are climbing again in Germany.

Medical expert Alena Buyx, president of the German Ethics Council, said Kimmich is “caught up in misinformation. He is very badly advised. This is something that has now spread, and it would be great if he’d used his platform to get better advice to be a role model in this regard.”

Buyx added: “It is important to clarify that these forms of long-term effects do not exist.”

The player denied being opposed to vaccines.

“I think that’s a shame about the debate, that it’s only about being vaccinated or not vaccinated and if you’re not, then you’re automatically a COVID-denier or vaccine-opponent,” Kimmich said. “But there are other people at home, I think, who are simply having thoughts — whatever the reasons are. I think they should be respected, especially if they are sticking to the guidelines.”

This guy might get crushed.

Who knows.

Germans are typically more passive in following orders, but they’re also much less fanatical about cult-like doctrines issued by the directive of The Science.