Construction of Border Wall Prototypes Begins

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
September 28, 2017

Donald Trump’s initiative to build a wall on the US-Mexico border is not dead. Construction of various border wall prototypes began earlier this week.

San Diego Union Tribune:

The first steps in what President Donald Trump hopes will be a new era in border security began Tuesday when construction crews broke ground on prototype designs for a border wall, starting a 30-day sprint to construct eight examples in a fenced-off area on Otay Mesa.

Amid heavy security from state, local and federal agents wary of potential large-scale protests against the controversial project that have not materialized, four of the six private companies that won a national competition to build the designs began work in the morning.

San Diego police officers and county sheriff’s deputies were out in force at intersections and along streets near the entrance to the construction site. Customs and Border Protection officers, Border Patrol agents, the Federal Protection Service and California Highway Patrol were also seen in the area.

It is good to see movement on this project. Obviously, one of the main reasons Trump was elected was to build this wall. It was a central theme to his campaign. The construction of these prototypes indicates that he is trying to keep this promise.

There’s been all sorts of ideas floated for the wall. One of the more intriguing ideas was a wall that included solar panels. It’s unknown if that design will be among the prototypes getting built, but it sounded like an interesting idea. The wall could then be sold as both a border security and a green energy project.

The main problem with the wall has been with Congress dragging their feet on authorizing the necessary funds to build it. Hopefully once these prototypes are constructed, tested and reviewed we will see a new push by Trump to get full funding for this project. We just don’t want to see any sort of compromise on things like DACA to get the funds. Legalizing those anchor babies would be disaster.

Trump has said that he’ll be personally reviewing the prototypes once they are completed. He sounds personally vested in this which is another good sign.

But either way, let’s just get that wall built, Mr. President. We are 100 percent behind you on this.