Conspiracy Underway to Raise Standard Game Price to $70

People in Canada are already paying $22 for a pork chop.

So why shouldn’t we pay $70 for a AAA video game?

Niche Gamer:

Bloomberg have released a report of an “industry-wide effort” by publishers to raise the standard price of a AAA game to $70.

The first next-gen game to reveal its price was NBA 2K21, with an RRP of the standard edition being $69.99 USD. As debates continued over the price of AAA games in the next-generation, at least one industry analyst proposed gamers would be happily pay the $10 higher price.

Other games with the new $70 USD price tag on digital stores include Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War, Demon’s Souls (2020), and Godfall. All of these titles are coming to next-generation consoles.

Now, Bloomberg reports there is an “industry-wide effort to raise the standard price to $70” and that “Inside publishing houses, a price hike has been plotted and dissected by executives for years.”

Their source were anonymous executives, “apparently because they recognize the move is unpopular.” Specifically; Bloomberg claim that Sony discussed going even higher before settling on $70. A spokeswoman for Sony told Bloomberg that while some launch titles are as little as $50, the “biggest games” would be $70.

Their reported citation is inflation, and the increasing costs of AAA development. For example, a $60 for a game in 1990 would be $100 today according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data. This is ignoring how PlayStation games and disc games since 1994 saw games fall to $50 until 2005 with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 a year later raising it to $60.

One gamer, former U.S. Navy sailor and now IT worker Dan Armstrong discussed the rising prices with Bloomberg, and how the coronavirus pandemic and less hours at work made buying games at $70 unpalatable.

Inflation is real. It is happening.

This is just one place where you can see it.

If people pay this money for the Demon’s Souls remake, they’re going to start charging the $70 in January. If not, it will only take a few months longer. These studios won’t be able to afford to keep making games and not charge that amount.