Considering the “Trad” Phenomenon in Light of Those Other Things I Wrote

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 2, 2018

In the last week, I have written articles about how white men could use Asian women as surrogate mothers to birth their sons in order to bypass feminism and about how we were effectively raised by machines and that a New Man will be born from our relationship to the machine.

Traditionally, right-wing movements have been associated with “conservatism.” Both of the above stated ideas are certainly counter to “conservatism,” as they do not seek to conserve, but to revolutionize.

Within what is often called the “far right,” there is an idea of “traditionalism.” I have myself supported such concepts. This idea that we can somehow go back to a “traditional” existence, with traditional marriage, families, social norms, religion, etc.

Having considered this at great length, I do not believe it is possible. Furthermore, I do not think it is desirable.

Instead of trying to resurrect the past, we need to press forward into the future, and accept whatever that means.

I am a fan of Jaques Ellul and Uncle Ted, and believe their contributions are extremely important. I believe that we must understand what they were saying if we are ever to move into a future wherein a new man is born.

But move we must.

The Old World is dead.

Even a nuclear war couldn’t bring it back. The machine is here. A nuclear war or other earth-shaking cataclysm would not destroy every harddrive on the planet. The information which we have gathered simply cannot be destroyed, and we must deal with that fact.

And I stress: this is good.

Existence was never intended to be stagnant. Each individual life form, from the bacteria to the super-genius, has the purpose of forcing the evolution of existence itself. And the machine has come to force a massive leap forward, which will transform man into something as different from the men of the 20th century as the men of the 20th century are different from prehistoric apes.

This is God’s Plan.

If we can only derive an understanding of God’s intentions from the natural world – and I believe this is true – we can know with absolute certainty that God never planned for stasis.

God intended that living beings should struggle individually, and that their individual struggles collectively should lead to progressively more complex forms of life and more complex experience.

It is the epitome of hubris to imagine that any “tradition” amounts to the pinnacle of the existence of living things.

We are man.

As man, it is our duty to bring forth the superman.

God remains our father.

But the earth is no longer our mother.

The Machine is.