Conservative Media is Being Cleansed, Reshaped for a New Generation of Cuckoldry

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 6, 2019

As we’ve been making a point of pointing out here on the Daily Stormer, internet conservative media is being cleansed through censorship. Everything that doesn’t fit the mold of pure controlled opposition is being deplatformed.

We have been monitoring the posts of National Review trainee Tiana Lowe, who is actually actively trying to say that the true conservative position is to be against free speech. It is clear that the members of this new astroturfed movement are very conscious of what is going on, and are going to ensure that there isn’t a revolt against the censorship.

The key figures of this new breed of conservative leaders will be:

  • Ben Shapiro
  • Jordan Peterson
  • Charlie Kirk
  • Tomi Lauren
  • Candace Owens
  • Dave Rubin

You have choices here, goy.

If Charlie Kirk is too much of a cuckold fag for you, you can check out the based Orthodox Jew Ben Shapiro, who owns with facts and logic.

Or hey – maybe you prefer homosexual Jews to Orthodox Jews?

Gotcha covered.

Or if you’re not into that, you can follow the white nationalist black woman.

Obviously, despite the fact that our ideas are the most popular, they wanted anyone who talked about Jews or race generally out of the picture, and banned us from everything years ago (except for Richard Spencer, who they allow to remain on platforms for whatever reason).

However, pro-Jewish, non-racist figures are also being cleansed.

These include:

  • Alex Jones
  • MILO
  • Gavin McInnes
  • Paul Joseph Watson
  • Laura Loomer

These people are all being removed for different reasons. But what they share is that they are self-made, rather than being groomed figures.

Jones just basically jams their narrative with all sorts of things (some of which isn’t even real), and is way too popular to be allowed to be out there disagreeing in such an extreme manner with the narratives they are trying to push.

MILO and McInnes appear to be banned for having a tone that is disliked. Plus MILO apparently faked being Jewish, and the whole concept of McInnes’ Proud Boys made them nervous.

With Watson it is probably also a tone issue, as well as his association with Jones. And just the fact that he hasn’t linked in with Shapiro and the rest of the gang.

Laura Loomer is like, insanely anti-Moslem. She is also Jewish and makes Jews look bad by constantly talking about how Jewish she is.

Presently, some people are trying to hang on by shilling.

Breitbart has gone completely pro-Jew. They are positioning themselves to be the official shill news site.

Stefan Molyneux is shilling hard for Trump, not questioning anything he does, and shilling for the war in Venezuela.

He has done the same thing with Iran, pushing for war there. For those who don’t remember, his entire platform used to be anti-war, so he’s switched it up completely in order to try and keep a place in this new clique.

His twitter is also a whole lot of retweeting of Charlie Kirk and Ben Shapiro.

He will always be a minor figure. But he’ll get that money.


It’s surreal, watching them try to bring this all together in real time.

They know there has to be an opposition, so they have to control it, and they used to do that by just running Fox News. Then, for a brief period, we had freedom through the internet. Now they’re in the process of completely removing that.

What happened to the will happen to Infowars and to anyone else who tries to keep things going on their own personal site – they will just steal the domain, and tell you “oh well, the company that registers the domain is a private company, so you don’t get to be on the internet at all.”

It will probably take another 18 months or so, but they will do it. They established the precedent with me, so there is nothing stopping them now.

MILO understood what they were doing two years ago when they first rolled out Jordan Peterson and made him this major celebrity. That was just after he’d been run out of the scene on some trumped-up outrage bullshit.

He did an interview with Stefan Molyneux on his YouTube channel where he started asking Moly about how none of Peterson’s material makes any coherent sense, and is actually just incomprehensible gibberish.

He was pretty obviously trying to fuck over Molyneux by getting him to attack one of the kings of the new controlled opposition movement. But Moly has kept shilling hard, and stayed in good standing with that crowd.

The boldness of doing this all out in the open is so incredible.

I guess the question now is: how many people will fall for it?

Ultimately, if they can get everyone they don’t approve of off the internet completely, it won’t matter if people don’t fall for it. They won’t have any choice. They can either listen to Peterson telling them to wash their penis, or they can take fentanyl and die.

Of course, even when this thing kicks into high gear, the Daily Stormer will always be around on the dark web. So make sure you install Brave Browser, which allows you to access Tor, and save our Tor address:


Go do that right now, in fact.

There’s no telling how much longer we’ll be here on the normal web. The hammer could come down at any time.

The government of Britain just got Facebook to ban posting any links to the site, even in private chat. Which was a new form of censorship we hadn’t experienced yet.

So who knows what will happen next.

If you haven’t yet, please watch this Tucker clip.