Conservative Icon George Will Demands Americans be Drowned in Brown Sludge

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 11, 2019

George Will was the guy back in the 1990s. The key conservative intellectual. He was the Nick Fuentes to Rush Limbaugh’s Andrew Anglin.

Now, most people probably don’t have any idea who the fuck this asshole is, because now that the internet exists, there is at least something of a meritocracy, and the television and print media can’t just shove worthless pricks down your throat.

But he’s still alive, apparently. He appeared on The Hill TV this week to demand that White America be drowned in a never-ending flood of disease-ridden brown sludge.

He said:

I believe immigration is an inherently entrepreneurial act. It’s people uprooting themselves, taking a risk for themselves and their families. I think a country where the baby boomers are retiring, where we have an aging workforce, where we have seven million unfilled jobs at the moment, and we have people clamoring to get into our country and get to workI’m for as much immigration as the economy can take and the economy needs immigration just as much as the immigrants need the American economy.

Just to prove that he is still the biggest shill in Shillsville, he also commented on tech monopolies, supporting their decision to censor abso-fucking-lutely everyone who disagrees with Jews, saying they aren’t actually monopolies, and that their existence is “proof that capitalism is working.”

He said:

The idea that because something is big, which Google obviously is and Facebook and all the rests, it is a dangerous monopoly, you have a dangerous monopoly when you have a service people need and can’t do without … I can deal without Facebook. People did for a very long time. So the idea that mere size makes Facebook a public threat is illogical.

That statement is designed to simply dazzle the goyim.

Yes, an individual can survive if he doesn’t have a Facebook, doesn’t have a YouTube, doesn’t have a Twitter. However, he is completely shut out of any ability to exercise his First Amendment rights. “Slaves can live without rights” is not a moral argument for slavery.

Furthermore, the bigger issue goes well beyond anything to do with individuals. The bigger issue is what happens to a society when you decide that you are going to simply silence half of the population based on their views. What happens when people no longer have access to any form of information that isn’t approved by the ruling establishment.

Well, what happens is that the people making the decisions on who gets censored or not are able to shape elections and shape the entire culture, which is exactly why they are doing it.

By the time that the 2020 election comes around, anyone who goes on social media will assume that 100% of people are voting against Donald Trump. They will also assume that 100% of people think it’s great that children are being shot full of hormones and cutting their dicks off. So even if the individual viewing this doesn’t feel comfortable with these things, he is going to go along with it, because it is natural for a person to go along with what they view as the appropriate social positions.

We are entering into a thought-control grid like nothing that has ever existed before. It will be even worse than the times of television and print, because in those times, people still interacted with each other outside of the internet. Now that 90+% of communication is on the internet, wiping out the ability of people to communicate with each other over these platforms just buries any ability people have to share thoughts and feelings with others.

Anyway yeah, fuck George Will, and fuck conservatism. This is insane.