Conservative Homeschooled Children Targeted by Homo Propaganda

Daily Stormer
May 2, 2017

Look on the bright side; maybe your kids will become BASED gay Trump supporters.

In order to satisfy their ravenous appetite for boy flesh, homosexualists do everything they can to indoctrinate the youth into their abhorrent anal cult.

The public school system, ever eager to fill children’s minds with vice and insanity, has had no problem giving the homo lobby a helping hand in order to direct a steady stream of brainwashed young recruits into their grubby AIDS-stricken paws.

Because of this, normal, healthy conservative families have had to withdraw their children from these evil institutions and homeschool them instead.

That may soon not be enough, however.

They’re after your kids.

Life Site:

The LGBT agenda has subtly wormed its way into online instructional videos that are popular with homeschooled, private and public students.

Some of Khan Academy’s free offerings are laced with a politically correct view of homosexuality. Math, English and other subjects may seem morally neutral, but they are be used to promote ideas and worldviews having nothing to do with Math or English.

Here is an English “problem” on a Khan Academy session:

The lesson is on “Irregular Plural Pronouns: from ‘f’ to ‘ves.'” The unsuspecting student is told to “Choose the correct plural pronoun to use in this sentence:

‘Brittany and Sofia went to lunch with their _____ every Saturday.'”

Khan Academy’s “correct” answer reveals the gay agenda behind the English “problem”:

The only choices are “wifes” or “wives.”

“The LGBTQ agenda is forcing recognition of same-sex marriage and transgenderism in core courses of our public education system,” Arthur Schaper of California Mass Resistance told LifeSiteNews.

Salman Khan’s educational enterprise started with personal phone calls to help his young cousin overcome her struggles learning mathematics. Now it has grown into a multimillion dollar online academy seeking to revolutionize education around the world.

Obviously, the people homeschooling their kids are disproportionately White and conservatives. Those are the people who have both the moral clarity to see public schools for what they are, and the agency to take charge of their children’s education themselves.

But the very idea that some kids might escape their homo brainwashing by being homeschooled is intolerable to these butt fetishists. None may be spared.

We just need to remember that attitude when the time comes to introduce faggots to their new habitats.

We won’t make any exceptions either.