Conor McGregor is Getting Paid to Humiliate the White Race

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 16, 2017

So, the date is set.

This is actually happening.


Floyd Mayweather Jr. said Wednesday he will come out of retirement to face UFC star Conor McGregor in a boxing match on Aug. 26.

Mayweather, who retired in September 2015 after winning all 49 of his pro fights, will face a mixed martial arts fighter who has never been in a scheduled 12-round fight at the MGM Grand arena. The fight that will take place in a boxing ring and be governed by boxing rules.

“It’s official,” Mayweather said on his Instagram account next to a video poster of both fighters.

“THE FIGHT IS ON,” McGregor tweeted several minutes earlier, posting a picture of himself next to one of Mayweather’s father, Floyd Sr.

Mayweather will fight at the relatively advanced age of 41 in a bout that McGregor has been pushing for months. It finally came together over the last few days, and Nevada boxing officials on Wednesday approved the date for a Mayweather Promotions bout.

Though Las Vegas oddsmakers have made Mayweather a heavy 10-1 favorite, the thought of the fight has excited many in the MMA world. It has also intrigued some in boxing, though most dismiss McGregor’s chances under boxing rules against one of the greatest defensive fighters in history.

There was a meme – “Conor McGregor could beat Floyd Mayweather’s ass.”

But it was like, if they met in real life and got in a bar fight. Or if they fought UFC.

There is no actual way Conor is going to beat Mayweather in a boxing match.

Conor is signing up to get knocked-out for however many tens of millions he’s getting paid for it (it will probably be over $100 million – I think it will beat Mayweather-Pacquiao), because he can just say “well, I’m not a boxer, I just did that for the money haha.”

It was nice as a theoretical fantasy and a meme. In real life, it is going to be disgusting.

Which is sad, I think. He’s selling his honor. Even if you take race out of the equation – which you can’t do and no one else really can either, because in this situation it is so obvious and there is an instinctive feeling of “our champion against theirs” – he is still selling his personal honor, taking money for a fight he knows he has no chance of winning.

I am disgusted by this situation.

I wish it were a fair fight and we could go root for our racial champion – but that simply is not what is happening here.

I don’t buy these fights anyway, but always have someone invite me over when they’re on. But I won’t be watching this one.

I would advise you the same.

By agreeing to this beating by an arrogant Negroid, Conor is betraying the white race.