Connecticutians Rise Up Against Governor Mask Face, Force Him to Flee

School mask mandates might seem like a meaningless fight, but when these people lose, and they have all of this stuff forced on them, they’re going to come to some hard realizations about the nature of the system they are dealing with.


A back-to-school meeting at a Connecticut elementary school went awry after a group of parents vocally protested the student mask mandate, forcing the event to be cut short before confronting the governor directly.

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont had to be escorted away by security after he was surrounded by a group of protesters, fuming at his support for school mask mandates.

The heated standoff between the governor and the parents took place outside Highland Elementary School in Cheshire on Wednesday after he emerged from a mask roundtable, which had to be wrapped up early after protesters raised hell over the potential extension of a school mask mandate past September 30.

Footage from the meeting shows protesters chanting, “You are all criminals,” and waving anti-mask signs at the governor.

They are most definitely criminals.

They are operating completely outside of the law.

No one thinks that these people actually have some kind of right under the Constitution to force people to wear masks against their will.

They’ve seized this power because they can, under the regime of fear that the media has pushed.

What is going on with the Asian woman in that video, flaunting her thinness?

If she’s going to be in America, she should either get as fat as American white women, or cover up and not show off the fact she isn’t fat.

Someone needs to tell these people that there is no virus, no virus has been isolated, there is no proof of a new virus.

The mask mandate was simply a step in the process of stripping you of your bodily autonomy. Now they’re staking it to the next obvious step: vaxx mandate.