Court Affirms Alex Jones Isn’t Allowed to Request Sandy Hook Defamation Case be Dismissed!

The civil suit launched against Alex Jones for saying that Sandy Hook was a hoax is a Jewish attack on freedom of speech, period. It is simply incomprehensible that in America, courts are allowing these people to sue Jones for speech.

Jones accused the Sandy Hook families of lying. That’s all he did. The court case says that you have to believe these Jews.

What is the difference between this and a Jew suing you for saying the Holocaust didn’t happen?

Kick that up a notch – what is the difference between the suit against Alex and someone being sued by Anthony Fauci for being against the lockdown?

There is no point at which this sort of thing ends, which is why it has never been allowed in history for someone to proceed with a defamation lawsuit for accusing someone of lying.

He is probably going to lose, but he will win on appeal (assuming Joe Biden doesn’t win and the entire court system is revamped). But it will have cost him millions of dollars.

Hartford Courant:

The Connecticut Supreme Court has upheld legal sanctions against conspiracy theorist Alex Jones in the case brought against him by a group of Sandy Hook families and first responders.

Jones was sanctioned last summer after the Sandy Hook families charged he violated orders to turn over information to plaintiffs and Jones let loose a tirade on his online radio show against one of the attorneys for the families, including a comment about putting his “head on a pike.”

Jones and his outspoken attorney, Norm Pattis, had argued the sanctions violated his First Amendment rights, but the court disagreed unanimously.

The justices found the sanctions were warranted — he remains barred from asking the court to dismiss the case and must comply with lower court’s orders to produce information for the Sandy Hook families’ legal team.

The sanctions did not run afoul of the first amendment because they addressed speech that was an imminent and likely threat to the administration of justice,” the Supreme Court found. “We also conclude that these two rationales, when considered together, provided sufficient rounds for sanctioning the defendants. Accordingly, it was not an abuse of the trial court’s discretion to sanction the defendants for their discovery violations and Jones’ vituperative speech.”

The Sandy Hook group sued Jones in 2018 over his assertions the attack on Sandy Hook Elementary School that claimed the lives of 20 first graders and six educators was a hoax, and they argue he profited by spreading the hoax claim on his online radio show and his website.

The lawsuit accuses Jones of orchestrating a years-long campaign against the families that has included accusing family members of being actors, stating as fact the shooting was a hoax and inciting others to act on those claims. The families argue the conspiracy boosted Jones’ ratings, drawing advertisers to the program that made him money.

Attorney Josh Koskoff, who has led the case for the families, lauded the court’s decision as an important victory for their team and for the courts.

Koskoff is of course Jewish.

He of course took the opportunity of celebrating his victory against Alex Jones to take a shot at President Trump. Because these people just can’t help themselves.

As other branches of government show signs of cracking under the weight of threats and falsehoods, this ruling reminds us that the courtroom is still a sacred place that remains dedicated to the truth, to precedent and to long-established rules created over centuries,” Koskoff said in a statement after the ruling was released. “These rules ensure that the administration of justice is evenhanded, safe and fair. It is not now, nor has it ever been, a playground for bullies to exploit.

Tensions escalated dramatically when Pattis joined Jones on his show in June 2019 to discuss the case.

Jones descended into a 20-minute, profanity laced tirade about the case and at one point explicitly named attorney Chris Mattei, a member of the Sandy Hook families’ legal team, and referenced a $1 million bounty “to put your head on a pike.”

In an emergency hearing after that show, Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis sanctioned Jones by barring him from filing a motion to dismiss the case and ordering him to pay attorneys fees in connection with the discovery.

Bellis called the tirade an “an intentional, calculated act of rage for his viewing audience,” but Jones and Pattis appealed the sanctions to the Connecticut Supreme Court and argued Bellis’ decision infringed on Jones’ right to free speech.

It is utterly bizarre, and probably unprecedented, to sanction a victim of a civil lawsuit by not allowing him to request the case be dismissed. Imagine – he said something mean about the enemy lawyer, and the court says, “well, now you’re not allowed to request dismissal of this case! The floor is quicksand now!”

I don’t watch Jones often, given that he is banned from everything, but I happened to see the show in question. I remember I watched it at a buffet. It’s in my mind like it was yesterday.

I could have sworn that the “head on a pike” statement was a reference to himself, i.e., “they want my head on a pike.” But maybe not. If he said to put the lawyer’s head on a pike, he was using that term metaphorically. He accused the lawyer of sending him an email with child pornography in it, so it would then be discovered by the court when he turned over his emails. This seems likely enough, I guess. He offered a million dollars to anyone who could provide proof of this.

This judge is a totally out of control woman on the warpath against the ULTRA-MALE Alex Jones.

Along with the lawyers, most of the families of the alleged children killed at Sandy Hook are also Jews.

The leader of the lawsuit is Leonard Pozner, who is a real nasty Jew. If the kid’s gone, it’s more likely he ate it.

He was the one who put the suit together, and got the rest of the alleged families to sign on to it.

I don’t have a strong opinion on the Sandy Hook conspiracy theory. I do believe that some of the stuff surrounding it was very weird. But it’s not something that I go into.

Whether it happened or not, people have a right to believe whatever they want to believe, and to say it. The Sandy Hook thing was very emotional, because if a bunch of kids really did get shot, that’s very sad.

But the entire purpose of this lawsuit is to have a chilling effect on free speech. That is blatant. Anyone can see that. If the government had any interest whatsoever in protecting free speech, this would be immediately thrown out by the courts as a direct attack on freedom of speech.

Instead, they are taking the emotional nature of this and using it to push an agenda to stifle free speech.

If you’re not allowed to question Sandy Hook without being sued, what else are you not allowed to question? Are you allowed to say that anyone is lying? What is the difference between saying someone is lying about Sandy Hook and saying they’re lying about anything else, other than that this is an extremely emotionally charged situation?