Connecticut: Guy Blows Up Pre-Wired Barn During Domestic Hostage Situation

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 3, 2018


Regrettably, it appears that the bitch escaped.

NY Daily News:

At least six police officers were injured in an explosion on Wednesday night while they were trying to negotiate with a man holding his wife hostage.

The officers were trying to coax the suspect out of his home in North Haven, Conn., during the hours-long standoff when a barn on the property exploded around 8:30 p.m. and sparked a massive fire.

The fire eventually spread from the barn to the house as firefighters continued battling the blaze early Thursday.

It remains unclear whether the suspect is alive or in custody. The wife, who escaped before the blast, is now safe, Freda said.

This is really a nutty story.

Triggering a chain of pre-wired explosions in a barn is a weird thing to do in any situation, but especially in a situation where cops are responding to a domestic dispute.

Like, did he wire these bombs for this purpose? Or were they wired for some other purpose?

There is very little information being released, but this looks to be yet another ultra-weird occurrence in weird New America.

Original article follows.

I’m gonna go ahead and call it and say some bitch getting out of line is responsible for this situation.

Fox News:

An explosion ripped through a home in Connecticut on Wednesday night as police and a SWAT team were responding to reports that a man was barricaded inside with his family.

At least four police officers were injured, Fox 61 reported. Police have not released any details about why they were at the home in North Haven, but asked that people avoid the area.

There were reports of a hostage situation and a man with bombs inside the home, although that wasn’t immediately confirmed. Neighbors also reported shaking following the blast.

Officials said the incident might have stemmed from a domestic dispute, Fox 61 reported.

“We don’t know if she is safe right now, but we believe she is. That was really the flash point on what happened here today,” North Haven’s First Selectmen Michael Freda said. “Apparently there was a very very serious domestic dispute and it manifested itself to this explosion you saw here a few minutes ago.”

It was not immediately known if any children were inside the home, Freda said.

Yes, though it seems the immediate assumption would be that the man killed himself and his entire family with a bomb.

Just another day in paradise.