Congressman Says Vegas Shooting is a Cover-Up

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 19, 2018

Well, this is the biggest development in this story for a while.

Bigger than the reveal regarding the Flip GF helping him load the guns, for sure.

Daily Caller:

Republican Pennsylvania Rep. Scott Perry appeared on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Thursday and claimed that he has been “made aware” of “credible information regarding potential terrorist infiltration through the southern border” on the Las Vegas massacre.

However, Rep. Perry offered no evidence to back up this claim.

Perry said, “Recently I have been made aware of what I believe to be credible evidence, credible information regarding potential terrorist infiltration through the southern border regarding this incident.”

Carlson asked “Terrorist…connections?”

“Yes, sir,” Perry said.

The Daily Caller co-founder asked, “So what’s the outline of that?”

“Well, they could be–lets face it, ISIS twice before the attack, ISIS warned the United States that they would attack Las Vegas in June and August after the attack claimed responsibility four times. Meanwhile, the local law enforcement investigative services are telling us there is no terrorist connection–lone gunman, again, something is not adding up,” Perry replied. 

Carlson said, “Well, that’s part of my confusion.” The Fox host then turned to fellow guest Catherine Lombardo, an attorney for the victims of the Las Vegas shooting, and asked, “Catherine, can you just confirm that this investigation is still being overseen by state and local authorities rather than federal?”

Lombardo said, “That’s right. The FBI and the Las Vegas metro police department have been conducting the investigation. We’ve seen no evidence of a terrorist attack, and I will ask with all due respect, congressman, unless have you specific evidence to back that up, it seems a bit irresponsible to make that allegation so, if you do, or make that assertion, if do you have any evidence of that, I’m asking you right now to share it with us and tell us what that is. My clients…”

“Well, I’m not able…” Perry responded.


Paddock being a Moslem convert is difficult to believe, but whatever the truth here is is difficult to believe at this point.

No specific narrative makes any sense.

Honestly, MKULTRA gone wrong makes as much sense as anything.

Or Islam.

Who the hell knows.

What I know for a fact is that the FBI is lying and to have a Congressman come out and say that (on the world’s most watched news program) is a big deal.