Congress Works Overtime to Secure Completely Dumb and Pointless Coronavirus Relief Bill

The relief bill is the epitome of inconsequential.

Whatever happens:

  • The economy is going to totally collapse
  • When it does, you won’t have any money

Yes, a lot of people need a check. But all it will be is money you can spend for however long it lasts. You can’t build anything out of it.

NBC News:

Senior lawmakers reached a compromise over the Federal Reserve’s emergency lending powers late Saturday night, overcoming a major hurdle that prevented Congress from completing a $900 billion coronavirus relief package earlier in the week, according to multiple sources.

A last-minute roadblock emerged on Friday as Democrats accused Republicans, namely Pennsylvania’s Sen. Pat Toomey, of attempting to encumber the incoming Biden administration by cutting off the Federal Reserve’s emergency lending abilities created by the CARES Act meant to protect the already battered economy.

“Now that Democrats have agreed to a version of Sen. Toomey’s important language, we can begin closing out the rest of the package to deliver much-needed relief to families, workers, and businesses,” a spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., told NBC News.

(This local Chicago news story has an Irish presenter.)

(I wish Columbus had an Irish local news presenter.)

Compromise language is being finalized and any open items are expected to be worked out overnight, according to two aides.

The legislation hasn’t been released yet, but the deal is expected to include direct payments of $600 for qualifying Americans, a federal unemployment insurance bonus of $300 a week, more money for businesses struggling to pay rent and workers and vaccine distribution funds.

A spokesperson for Toomey called the agreement an “unqualified victory for taxpayers.”

“Senate Republicans achieved all four of our objectives regarding the CARES Act Federal Reserve lending programs,” Toomey spokesperson Steve Kelly said.

“This agreement rescinds more than $429 billion in unused CARES Act funds; definitively ends the CARES Act lending facilities by Dec. 31, 2020; stops these facilities from being restarted and forbids them from being duplicated without congressional approval,” Kelly added. “This agreement will preserve Fed independence and prevent Democrats from hijacking these programs for political and social policy purposes.”

Democrats, on the other hand, said the new language was a concession to Toomey and his GOP allies.

“After going back and forth all day with Leader Schumer, Sen. Toomey has agreed to drop the broad language in his proposal that would have prevented the Fed Chair from establishing similar facilities in the future to the ones created in March,” said a senior Democratic aide.

Congressional leaders settled on a framework midweek that was expected to include a $300 federal unemployment bonus, a new round of direct payments, small business funding and money to distribute Covid-19 vaccines.

Giving people more money makes their lives better right now, but it also speeds up the collapse, which will make their lives very bad.

But their lives are going to be bad either way, and the economy is going to collapse either way, so basically: it just really doesn’t even matter at all.

It is as inane and tedious as the Jews themselves.

Mitch McConnell is saying that this will keep more small businesses from going under – for how long? Another month? Who actually cares? I mean, that just means they’re toiling away for another month when it is inevitable they’re going to fail.

One of the reasons they’re making such a big deal of it is to prevent you from looking at the bigger picture here.

I will say this: Antifa finally got their way. They finally destroyed capitalism. There is going to be nothing left of private enterprise. It will just be you and the megacorps, managed by a skeleton crew police force that only arrests white men.

The white male heterosexual will be an eighth class citizen, with no job and no future. Everyone will be getting shot up with gene juice by a state run by mean Jews.