Congolese Erectus Charged with Murdering His Australian Aid Worker Wife in Fiji

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
August 18, 2019

Henri Lusaka John and Jennifer Downes.

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The husband of an Australian aid worker, killed in Fiji late last month, has been charged with her murder.

Jennifer Downes, also known as Jenna Lusaka, was found dead in her family home on July 23.

Local police in Suva immediately identified Ms Downes’ husband Henri Lusaka John as the main suspect.

According to local media reports, police have now charged Mr John with his wife’s murder.

Police allege Ms Downes was murdered in a domestic violence incident after her and her husband became estranged.

The couple share three children, all under the age of five, but had recently separated.

Mr John, an Australian national originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, was hospitalised after the incident in what police suspect was a murder-suicide attempt.

After receiving treatment at a hospital in Suva, Mr John was released to be questioned by police.

He is due to appear in Suva Magistrates Court tomorrow, charged with one count of murder.

Ms Downes worked as a World Food Program logistics expert with the United Nations.

Jennifer worked for a world food program, but was clearly eating all of the food herself. Very, very disrespectful.

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