Congo “Failing” to Contain Ebola Outbreak

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 8, 2019

Veterinarians from the West are still fighting against Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and they’re now starting to realize that it’s a losing battle, as they’re not only fighting against Ebola but also against the very blacks that they’re trying to save.


Efforts to curb the Democratic Republic of Congo’s worst Ebola outbreak are stumbling, medical charity MSF warned Thursday, blaming the role of the security forces in the response and their “toxic” relations with local communities.

Seven months into the outbreak, “the Ebola response is failing to bring the epidemic under control,” Doctors Without Borders (MSF) said in a statement.

It highlighted that more than 40 percent of deaths are occurring in communities rather than in Ebola treatment centres.

“That means that we have not reached them and they have not sought our care,” MSF chief Joanne Liu told reporters in Geneva.

Setting aside the inherent chaos of Africa for a moment, blacks are still not even convinced Ebola is a thing.

You have to see this whole thing from their perspective.

Imagine being a barely biped ape that is hardly capable of basic math and having some weird pale skinned outsiders come in and tell you you have to get injected with stuff to prevent you from dying from some other stuff that you can’t see.

You ask some questions and you’re shut down with some mumbling about how the pale-skinned can see Ebola with their pale-skinned magic laboratory goggles.

To make matters worse, the pale-skinned are also taking your tribe’s loved ones right after they die using the same “Ebola” excuse without allowing your people to properly mourn them. They say they are dangerous, but how can they be dangerous if they are dead?

Security in eastern DRC, a region rampant with rebel fighters, has complicated the response.

Liu warned that growing reliance on the security services to bring people to treatment centres was spurring hostility.

The existing atmosphere can only be described as toxic,” she said, adding that this “shows how the response has failed to listen and act on the needs of those most affected.”

Her comments came after MSF suspended its activities at two treatment centres in North Kivu after the sites were attacked.

Ebola responders are increasingly seen as the enemy,” Liu said.

In the past month alone, she said, there had been more than 30 attacks and incidents involving elements of the Ebola response.

Huh. They recently attacked two treatment centers and MSF had to suspend their activities, Ebola enemies are seen as the enemies of blacks, and the atmosphere is perceived as toxic.

With that in mind it’s pretty clear that blacks don’t want outsiders to invade their everyday life to “fight Ebola.”

So why are these Veterinarians Without Borders still trying? They’re going against the will of Africa.

They don’t have Africa’s consent.

They’re raping black people.

“The effectiveness of this Ebola response will rest on whether or not it is viewed as legitimate and trustworthy.”

While nearly half of all deaths in the outbreak are happening away from treatment centres, another alarm bell is the fact that more than one third of new cases are occurring outside of known transmission chains.

This “means we don’t know how they got it,” Lieu said.

This is good. It’s spreading too fast for them to keep track of it.

But it’s also bad, because the more this drags on, the more money the West wastes trying to solve it. Africa is not paying for it, Congo is not paying for it. We are.

The West gave Africa all the money Africa has, and Africa continues to make it disappear with nothing to show for it.

We have to stop throwing money at them. They don’t do anything good with it.

They just multiply their numbers and their misery.