Congo: Ebola-Chan Breaks Records as Gamers Attack Veterinarian Teams and Treatment Centers

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
May 2, 2019

Ebola-Chan keeps delivering despite the World Health Organization and an army of veterinarians funded by beast-loving billionaires being against her.

Imagine what she could accomplish if white people completely pulled out of Africa.


The Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo has reached a grim milestone, with 27 new cases confirmed in a single day – a record for the current outbreak.

The World Health Organization said 27 new confirmed cases had been reported Sunday – the most in a single day since the outbreak started in August last year. Similarly, 126 new cases had been reported in the week ending April 28 – the highest weekly total since Ebola took hold in the country.

“The increase in the number of new [Ebola] cases in the Democratic Republic of the Congo remains deeply concerning,” WHO said in its latest situation report.

Deeply concerning for whom? It’s clearly not concerning for gamers. They don’t even believe Ebola is real and they’ve been attacking the veterinarians that are supposed to help them.

Gamers don’t want to fight Ebola, and they clearly don’t want the help of white people.


Ebola cases and deaths in eastern Congo have risen sharply in the past week, authorities said Tuesday, placing the blame on recurrent attacks on treatment centers and health workers.

There were 126 new cases and 83 deaths between April 22 and April 28, according to the Ministry of Health in Kinshasa.

The number of fatalities has risen rapidly, from around 600 at the end of March to over 900 a month later.

As soon as there is a security incident, such as the destruction of the Ebola treatment centers or the murder of our colleague (from the World Health Organization), the main response activities are suspended for an indefinite period,” ministry spokeswoman Jessica Ilunga told dpa.

Without these activities, the virus continues to spread and kill more people in the community,” she added.

The whole situation is reaching new levels of ridiculousness.

This is pretty much what’s happening:

  • Ebola-Chan is on a mission to cleanse the world of gamers
  • Gamers started dying of Ebola
  • Some whites don’t want gamers to die of Ebola
  • Veterinarians were sent to Africa to fight Ebola and protect the gamers
  • Veterinarians tell gamers that something called Ebola will kill them
  • Gamers don’t see any Ebola around
  • Whites tell them Ebola can only be seen with magic white people’s “science” goggles
  • Whites take gamer corpses away without letting gamers mourn
  • Gamers are angry
  • Gamers don’t want to be protected from Ebola
  • Gamers attack veterinarians
  • Gamers want white people out
  • Veterinarians keep trying
  • Gamers keep resisting
  • White people keep trying to “do good” in Africa even though gamers are literally attacking and killing them for it

At one point one would assume that these whites trying to “help” gamers in Africa would get the message and realize that they’re not welcome there, but no, these “humanitarian” whites are still raping the will of gamers.

It’s quite perverse. The human rights squad messing with gamers in Africa disregards the will of gamers and imposes itself. They force their help on gamers — a help gamers never requested — and keep trying even though gamers are physically resisting, which is rape.

They’re raping gamers.

So far there have been 1,480 cases and 970 deaths, since the outbreak — the second-largest in history — began last year.

Remember to think about Ebola-Chan for a little while when going to bed tonight.

Visualize her and thank her for her hard work.

She appreciates your support.

She feeds on it.