Confused Europeans are Against Islam But Not Against Moslems (Because That Would be Racist)

Just another day in paradise.

We’re living the dream of a high-tech future.


Some 150 people gathered in Berlin for a rally denouncing France’s President Emmanuel Macron’s anti-Islamist crackdown, carrying banners and chanting “Allahu akbar.” It took place in the aftermath of the terrorist attack in Nice.

The crowd held a roughly 30-minute demonstration in the city’s Hermannplatz, to protest against the showing of cartoons of Islam’s Prophet Mohammed across France, as well as Macron’s ongoing crackdown on Islamism.

Tensions within French society have been ramping up in the wake of the beheading of school teacher Samuel Paty earlier this month, after he’d shown his history pupils Charlie Hebdo cartoons depicting the prophet.

Eyewitness video from the Berlin rally purports to show the protesters chanting “Allahu akbar.”

There was a heavy police presence in the area and the protest passed without incident. It took place just hours after the terrorist attack in Nice in which three people were killed, two of whom were decapitated.

Without even seeing it, I can tell you as a matter of absolute fact that there are conservatives on Twitter right now posting this picture:

Alongside this picture:

And making some statement about how history is repeating itself.

If you ask them what they mean, they will say that “Moslems are like Nazis,” and if you press them on it, they will just keep implying that Moslems and Nazis are similar because they are both bad.

That is the kind of narrative that is being fed to the masses of conservatives, while I sit here totally banned from everything.

Here’s the thing: you can believe Nazis were “bad.” Okay. Fine. Now is not the time to rehabilitate the Third Reich. But they are not bad like Moslems. Moslems are bad because they are invading and conquering us. Frankly, they are doing so because they are allowed to do so by the Jews, which makes the whole “Hitler bad” thing more confusing. But this is the reason the Moslems are bad: they are aliens. They are not our people, and they come to our countries to take from us, then they start making all of these demands. They offer nothing but division in our nations.

Furthermore, these cartoons that are being used to aggravate these Moslems and get them to kill us are exceedingly Jewish in nature. So, Jews brought these people here. Now they’re inciting them to hate us even more than they already did.

They are channeling the negative sentiment that whites feel towards Moslems into these cartoons. The sentiment then goes absolutely nowhere – except into inciting the Moslems to commit murder.

Instead of drawing cartoons of Moslems to insult their religion, the agenda should be to repatriate the Moslems to their home countries. But that isn’t even being discussed.

Here’s the reality: the Islamic religion is an aspect of the racial identity of the people who follow the religion. There is a reason that after hundreds of years of being occupied by Moslems, Spain never converted to Islam. It is against white genetics to become Moslem. This is to say: there is no way to separate the religion of Islam from the race of Arabs. Even in Arabia, Christian Arabs are lighter skinned.

Arab Christians look like Italians.

As long as you talk about Islam and Moslems as two different things, you’re never going to have any real understanding of what is going on at all, let alone be able to combat it.


  • Jews bring in Moslem immigrants
  • Christians eventually feel alienated by Moslems
  • Second generation Moslems feel alienated and grow to hate Christians
  • Jews tell Christians that “racism” is the highest possible evil in the universe – racism is defined as white people having any kind of preference for their own people
  • For some reason, you’re allowed to display disgust for an entire racial group (basically all nonwhites, as a whole) if you make it about their religion
  • Jews tell Christians the problem is their religion, and if they just give up the religion, they’ll stop being aliens
  • Jews offer offensive cartoons as a way to bully Moslems into giving up their religion
  • Moslems go hysterical in response to cartoons, killing people and creating a climate of fear
  • Christians double-down on cartoons, because they’re angry at Moslems for the killing, and the cartoons are presented as a way to strike back
  • This just keeps going, as division intensifies but Christians have no ability to even put together the words as to what is going on, let alone fight back against it
  • ????

It’s often difficult to figure out what the goals of the Jews actually are. Often, it seems that chaos is in itself the goal.

The fact that no one is breaking down this thing where it’s not racist to hate Islam is frustrating as heck.

Here’s the issue at hand:

No one has ever actually hated anyone for “the color of their skin.” If you look at any single piece of “racist” material, it is always regarding the statistically normative behavior of the group.

For example:

  • Blacks are lazy and violent
  • First generation Mexicans undercut wages, they’re stupid, they rip off the taxpayer
  • Second generation Mexicans are “black people lite” in that they have all the same behaviors as blacks, just not as bad
  • Indians stink, they’re perverts, they write shitty code
  • Chinese people are loud, they flick cigarette butts everywhere, they spit in elevators and eat dogs
  • Jews are sneaky, financial criminals, perverts, promotes of sexual degeneracy, haters of Christianity, communists, pornographers, anti-racists, feminists, leftists, pro-immigration, anti-white, etc.

These are referred to derogatorily as “stereotypes,” but everyone knows they are statistically accurate. What people mean when they say “racism” is usually “acknowledging group behavior.”

This week a Department of Interior official was involved in a fake scandal created by the Washington Post for defending Kyle Rittenhouse. The post attacked him for citing Jared Taylor’s American Renaissance.

When explaining how evil Taylor is, they quote him – in the subtitle – saying that blacks destroy any civilization they control. (Note: Taylor did not say this in the article that the official cited. WaPo just made a point to mention that this is something he said at some point in his life. Because if you link to a news article by someone, you have just endorsed everything they ever said in their entire life.)

No one is ever going to try to disprove that claim. You can’t disprove it, because it’s true. We have an entire list of civilizations that black people took over and destroyed – Haiti, Rhodesia, Detroit – and no single example of a functional black civilization. What they say is this: “you would only mention that indisputable fact about black behavior because you hate the color of their skin.”

Does that make sense?

(Yes, the fact that people look different does make people uncomfortable, biologically, and we know that literal infants are more comfortable around people who are genetically similar to them. But the reason for that is that the brain is capable of recognizing that a different physical appearance signals different statistically average group behavior.)

Here’s the issue: “following the religion of Islam” is “Islamic group behavior.”

But somehow, these Jews are saying that it’s not racist to hate Islam and to insult the religion of Islam.

This is all just layers and layers of total nonsense.

We need to ask again: what is the purpose of this multicultural agenda?

We know that the actual purpose is to create a global government and destroy white people and Christianity.

But what is the stated purpose? We need to keep making them explain this.

Diversity is our greatest strength?

Come on. No single person believes that.

Is France stronger when people are getting their heads chopped off in churches? 

We are a society in crisis.

We need to be allowed to ask questions:

  • What are the actual benefits offered by diversity?
  • Does the Holocaust, real or not, mean that white people have to be exterminated through mass immigration? If so, why?
  • Are there any circumstances under which white people could be allowed to have their own countries again, as they did historically?
  • What is “racism”?
  • Are there any circumstances under which white people are allowed to criticize the behavior of nonwhites?
  • Where is all of this going? What is the long term agenda of this present society, which is pushing this completely unsustainable hatred and division among the population? Is the goal to simply destroy everything?

Questions have to be open. This kind of society where you are not allowed to ask any questions, ever, at all, is not sustainable.

White people are paying for all of this. We are working and we are propping up all of these other races. We have to be allowed to have an open discussion about what exactly is going on here.

Nobody wants to hurt anyone’s feelings and we will do our best to be polite. But we have to be able to have some kind of dialogue with this ruling elite. This situation where the elite is shoving all of this stuff down our throats and refusing to allow us to ask any questions about where this is going is simply not acceptable.

We are human beings. We have a right to question the ruling elite about where they are taking our society. We live here.