Confused British Retards Admit That More People Will Starve to Death Due to the Lockdown Than Will Die of Virus

This week, Angela “Bulldog” Merkel attacked people like me as evil, saying that “populists” who oppose the coronavirus lockdown are “fact-deniers.”

Well, one of the main points that I have made, and that others against this lockdown have made, is that more people will die as a result of the lockdown than could ever die of the virus. I’ve focused on the number of people who are going to die from suicide and drug overdoses in Western countries as a result of having their lives destroyed by the lockdown. However, it is also true that many in the third world, particularly in really shitty countries that don’t produce their own food, will die of starvation.

The British charity group Oxfam, which is considered to be the global expert on global poverty, is now saying that more people will die of starvation in poor countries due to the lockdown than will die of the virus.

So, Merkel, you sickening, fat, evil dogfaced cunt – is Oxfam an organization of “fact-denying populists”? 

Is it, Merkel?

You stupid, evil pig – answer the question: is Oxfam an organization of “fact-denying populists”? 

The Guardian:

Millions of people are being pushed towards hunger by the coronavirus pandemic, which could end up killing more people through lack of food than from the illness itself, Oxfam has warned.

Closed borders, curfews and travel restrictions have disrupted food supplies and incomes in already fragile countries, forcing an extra million people closer to famine in Afghanistan and heightening the humanitarian disaster in Yemen, where two-thirds already live in hunger.

Note that “closed borders, curfews and travel restrictions” are not “a pandemic” – those are things done in response to an alleged pandemic. Unless we are talking about “the coronavirus pandemic of mass hysteria.”

One million more people are facing famine in Afghanistan as a result of coronavirus, according to a report from the charity. The number of people on the brink of famine in the country rose sharply from 2.5 million last September to 3.5 million in May, the result of border closures and the economic downturn in neighbouring Iran that caused a drop in home remittances by overseas workers.

Oxfam said that up to 12,000 people could die from hunger every day globally – 2,000 more than died from Covid-19 each day in April.

Along with Afghanistan, the charity identified Yemen, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Venezuela, the west African Sahel, Ethiopia, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, and Haiti as extreme hunger hotspots.

The knock-on impacts of Covid-19 are far more widespread than the virus itself, pushing millions of the world’s poorest people deeper into hunger and poverty. It is vital governments contain the spread of this deadly disease, but they must also prevent it killing as many – if not more – people from hunger,” said the chief executive of Oxfam GB, Danny Sriskandarajah.

“For many people, Covid-19 comes as a crisis on top of a crisis. To break the cycle of hunger, governments must build fairer and more sustainable food systems that ensure small-scale producers and workers earn a living wage.”

Oxfam said countries with existing problems, such as South Sudan and Syria, were already seeing hunger worsen but there was also concern for middle-income countries such as India and Brazil.

Mass unemployment was affecting all countries, but informal labourers were suffering the most, often unable to travel to work.

Travel restrictions were also hitting food supplies by preventing farmers from hiring workers and small-scale producers from accessing their own fields.

Just ignore where they say “the pandemic” is responsible – because they are not talking about any pandemic, they are talking about measures that were employed by global governments allegedly to manage an alleged pandemic. They are assuming that these measures were a necessary and unavoidable result of the pandemic.

But if the measures caused more deaths than they saved, they obviously were not actually necessary, and were in fact totally destructive and insane.

I’ll answer my question to Merkel for her, since she will no doubt refuse to comment: yes, according to her definition, anyone who tells the truth about this lockdown is a “fact-denying populist,” which means that Oxfam, given that they are saying the same thing that I’ve said with regards to the number of people who will die as a result of the lockdown as opposed to the number who will die as a result of the virus, is a “fact-denying populist” organization.

I am so angry at that speech by Angela Merkel that no other human being, unless they enter into my brain, will ever be able to understand how angry I am.

I suppose I should be just as angry at British Oxfam for saying both that more people will die as a result of the lockdown than of the virus, while still presenting the claim that the lockdown was necessary to fight the virus, but I’m not. This doesn’t come across as malicious, but rather as stupid and confused. Plus, I’m sure that the people putting together this report were thinking, “I guess it probably would have been better if we’d just not done this lockdown…” – but they surely can’t say it. They can, however, lay out the facts which lead any person to that conclusion.

The other harsh fact of reality is that when we cut through all of the propaganda and hoaxes, the overwhelming majority of people who died “from the virus” were in their 80s. The average age internationally appears to be 82. The men who are going to be dying of suicide and drug overdoses in the West will be in their 20s, 30s and 40s. The people who will starve in these third world countries will be all ages, including children. These will be many people who had their whole lives ahead of them, unlike a person in their 80s in an old folks’ home who was just waiting around to die anyway.

These are the facts. Anyone who denies these facts is a fact-denying neoliberal, who supported this lockdown either because they’re stupid and they do whatever they’re told, or because they understood it was being used to greatly transform Western civilization into something different than it was. They are creating a society with an absolute divide between the ultra-rich and the poor, where the people do not have any freedoms, where the white middle class is a thing of the past and the huddled masses gather to beg the government to feed them.

They will take their government soup and boiled water rations and scurry off to some dark and damp place to inject themselves with the only thing on earth that can bring them peace, and then they will die. Their deaths will make way for a new age of mankind, dominated by creatures which barely meet the definition of “mankind.”

Then, the overlords will laugh.