Confirmed: Vegas Psycho Killers were Anti-Nazi Alex Jones Fans

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 11, 2014

Alex "Jew Wife" Jones subtly encourages people to shoot "Nazi" police on a daily basis.  Sometimes, people actually do it.
Alex “Jew Wife” Jones subtly encourages people to shoot “Nazi” police on a daily basis. Sometimes, people actually do it.

According to the Associated Press, police investigating the murder of two White police officers and a Wal-Mart shopper by crazy weirdos have said that the couple left material with a Swastika printed on it on the body of the slain officers to “paint the police as Nazis” – not because they themselves were Nazis.

So, the Millers were anti-Nazis, fighting against the “Nazi” police force, who they viewed as the enemy.

And they liked to dress up like the Joker.

And rambled on constantly about conspiracy theories.

They vowed to start a “revolution” by fighting the cops.

I wonder who could have influenced this type of behavior?

Mother Jones:

Two years before Jerad Miller and his wife, Amanda, allegedly gunned down two police officers and a third person in a Las Vegas shooting spree, before taking their own lives, he pondered when it might be justified to kill law enforcement officers on the website of conspiracy-peddling radio personality Alex Jones. In a May 28, 2012, post titled, “The Police (To Kill Or Not To Kill?)” Miller wrote on Jones’ website: “I live in Indiana and recently a law was passed named the right to resist law. As i can make out from it, if a police officer kicks in my door and is not there legally, then I may shoot him.”

Miller’s last posted on Infowars on August 7, 2012, publishing a sci-fi-esque short story about a father and son contemplating fighting the government. In this tale, the father tells his son, “It is our respon[s]ibility to care for everything around us because its in our power to do so. They would seek to destroy and exterminate and abuse. They would taint the water as they did before. Son, I cant tell you how precious life is.”

Crazy old Alex is, predictably, claiming that the shooting was a staged hoax.

He has used this clip of Miller at the Bundy Ranch shows that he was a government agent of some sort.

But all he is saying is exactly what Alex Jones says everyday, which is veiled “revolution by shooting cops” rhetoric under the guise of “well, but, only if they start it…”

This type of weird call for violence appeals to the mentally unstable, for obvious reasons, and appears to have driven Jerad Miller over the edge.

Here, Jones goes through the Facebook “likes” of the killer, claiming it is some type of setup by his wife’s racial kinsman Mark Zuckerberg.

Of course he liked all of those things and you, Alex, because those are all the things you encourage people to like when you sway them into believing in your weird theories.

I am not saying that Jones is necessarily directly responsible for these murders, but he is clearly the lead figure in a vast Jewish agenda to confuse the masses, forcing them into a form of schizophrenia in order to deflect attention from the Jews.

If we refuse to acknowledge the Jews as a biological phenomenon, with hardwired behavior patterns which destroy society, we are then forced to invent an invisible group which has a “secret plan” to do something secretive, weird and nonsensical.  This type of thinking leads directly into a confusing mess of mental illness, which some people never recover from.

We here at the Daily Stormer attempt to rehabilitate conspiracy theorists by showing them the reality that all of what is happening in society is a result of the Jew genetic problem, and not the result of a “secret plan.”  Still, I run into people who have been so deeply damaged by the conspiracy worldview, that even when they can see the Jewish problem, they project their previous beliefs in a secret plan onto the Jews.  This demonstrates that the conspiracy worldview, promoted by Alex Jones, is akin to a brain virus, which embeds itself deeply into the fabric of a person’s mind.

Is it any wonder it results in such events as the Vegas shootings?