Confidence Levels Over 9000: Trump Delivers His February Agenda to Federal Agencies

Don’t listen to one single thing that the Jewish media tells you.

Real President Trump has a plan. He is not just flopping around. He knew this fix was in all the way back in April when they first started talking about mail-in ballots. Of course he is prepared for this. You saw him tweeting about it, you saw him talking about it in every interview and every press conference.

The Jews have plans, and they are great, sneaky planners with their father the devil.

But God also has plans, and he whispered them in the ear of Donald Trump.

Earlier this week, Trump ordered federal agencies not to communicate with the transition team of the Usurper Joe Biden. Now he’s delivering his February 2021 budget to these agencies.

These Jews are losing their minds.

Washington Post:

The White House budget office has instructed federal agencies to continue preparing the Trump administration’s budget proposal for the next fiscal year, according to multiple administration officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity to share details of private conversations.

The White House budget proposal is typically issued in February, which would be at least two weeks after President Trump is scheduled to depart the White House. He lost the Nov. 3 election to former vice president Joe Biden, who is set to be sworn in on Jan. 20, though Trump has refused to accept the results.

The decision to proceed with Trump’s budget for the 2022 fiscal year has rankled and surprised several career staffers given Biden’s victory, as well as the fact that the incoming Biden administration is expected to submit its budget plan to Congress early next year.

The insistence on budget planning, even though Trump won’t be in office to offer a budget in February, is part of a recent pattern of behavior from White House officials and senior political appointees who have sought to reject the election results.

On Monday, the Trump White House also instructed senior government officials to not cooperate with Biden’s transition team, igniting a potential legal battle.

Asked if the fiscal 2022 budget process was proceeding as planned, a spokesperson for the White House budget office said, “Of course.”

He said “of course.”

I’m getting an old fashioned vibe here, guys.

It seems that Joe Biden claiming victory was part of the plan.

Ten points to anyone who’s figured out the next step of the orange man’s master plan.

I will tell you who figured it out: Arkansas Boomer Police Chief Lang Howard.

The Secretary of Defense who told the Real President he couldn’t release the military on the streets of America has been fired and replaced with someone who does not have that view.

We are all lined up and ready to roll.

The overwhelming majority of Trump supporters are 100% ride or die.

There has never been a more perfect moment for revolution in American history. Right now is the moment. All the pieces are right where they should be.

Do you remember Trump’s 2017 inauguration speech?

His 2021 speech is going to be even more like that. Because these people who have so unethically ruled us are all actually going to be in chains.

America will endure.

Be ready, be prepared, things are happening that have never happened before.

Here’s a tip: if the media is getting you down, then don’t listen to the media. If you have boomers, tell them 100% to stop listening to the media, as they are incredibly susceptible. Tell them to read their QAnon and Gateway Pundit, watch their evening shows on Fox, but stay away from the rest of this poison.

The media knows this isn’t over. As we saw yesterday, many Jews are worried about these results.

Listen: what we need to win is very, very little.

In Georgia, Biden is only allegedly leading by 0.29% (14,149 votes).

In Arizona, he’s allegedly leading by 0.39% (12,813 votes).

And in Pennsylvania, he’s allegedly leading by 0.68% (45,742 votes).

The Trump victory was so overwhelming, that even with their massive fraud, they were barely able to slink by.

If we win those three states, we win the election outright, and there is a very good chance that the courts will rule in our favor.

At that point, the Democrats themselves will start demanding secession. And we will say:

But, if that doesn’t happen, it appears that Trump is ready to use the military to do what needs to be done.

So do not despair.

The most important thing you can do right now is keep your energy up and get out there in the streets at the protests, which are now taking place in every state capital.

We have a big march in Washington coming up on the 14th.

Get to that march. Get to your local events. Get to Pennsylvania if you can.

The Real President is preparing rallies.

Everything is going exactly according to plan. There is no way that Trump didn’t know they were going to steal it on election night, there is no way he hasn’t planned out every step of this. He still has people standing with him.

Remember: this is a spiritual war, and you need to guard yourself spiritually from the evil that these Jews are trying to inflict on you. Right now, that evil is coming in the form of demoralization by the media. You can easily protect yourself from that by simply turning it off. If you do hear it, understand that every time they say “Biden has won” they are chanting a spell. It is dark magic, to try to control the people, and it will only have power over you if you allow it to.

Stay strong.

May God save America and may God save Donald Trump.