Complex Magazine Releases Pre-Packaged News in Wake of Mulatto Mass Shooting

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
October 3, 2015

Chris Harper Mercer: He didn't do nothing... or did he?
Chris Harper Mercer: He didn’t do nothing… or did he?

In response to the spree shooting of a Roseburg, Oregon college campus, Complex Magazine pulled the trigger before all the facts were in and recycled a “study” claiming “White Supremacists” are the #1 threat to public safety, inferring that the recent tragedy was somehow related to dissident politics:

However, this does not factor in yesterday’s tragic shooting or less publicized incidents like the Las Vegas couple who murdered two police officers and left a Swastika on one of the bodies.

To bolster their claim, they utilized the willfully dishonest junk science of “New America,” compiled by “authoritative” Jews David Sterman and Peter Bergen to increase already intricate surveillance and suppression of dissenting opinions they don’t like.

It was real... in my mind.
It was real… in my mind.

Of course, Chris Harper Mercer was no “white supremacist,” but in fact a mentally ill mulatto–a victim of malicious Jewish social engineering and probably psychoactive pharmaceuticals. Nothing a little photoshop can’t fix!

Remember this?
Looks White to me!
Remember this?

“Complex Magazine” is an up and coming virulently anti-white platform developed by Jewish wigger “Marc Ecko” (Marc Milecofsky), and it is aimed at agitating blacks into increased violence against whites. The large amounts of investment capital pushing Complex into prominence comes from the Iconix Brand firm, who have built their empire by specializing in siphoning welfare checks out of the hands of blacks with overpriced “urban” and “gangsta” brands like Starter and RocaWear.

You be needs dis, nigga.
You be needs dis, nigga.
Go out and sell crack or rob people so you can buy these products!
Go out and sell crack or rob people so you can buy these products!

Bonus fact: Iconix’s Jewish owner, Neil Cole, also happens to be a hardline Zionist Jew, and one of the main sponsors of the Orthodox Jewish Supremacist organization “Aish HaTorah.” They also specialize in “classical Talmudic training with intensive instruction in Jewish outreach and leadership skill.” How does such a tiny people manage to carry around such a big heart?

Eric Striker (@Pr0tocolsrReal) is an anti-Semitic extremist, and regularly writes for TradYouth.