Complete Text of Alleged German Shisha Shooter’s Alleged Manifesto

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 20, 2020

This is a machine translation of the alleged manifesto of Tobias Rathjen, the alleged German shooter who killed 10 people at Islamic shisha bars on February 19, 2020. His alleged website is also available at time of writing on

This document is NOT confirmed. However, I am leaning towards it being real, because I don’t really see any benefit to intelligence agencies in presenting racists as schizophrenic. They tend to want to portray racists as metaphysically evil, and schizophrenia and metaphysical evil would be considered mutually exclusive under our present moral order.

This is basically just bog-standard schizophrenic gibberish, but it may interest some people.

Complete text follows.


This is a message to the entire German people!

In this document I will describe what has happened to me in my life and why every German must know this, no matter how long it may take until my message is confirmed as true and correct.

Before I start, I would like to add the following key statement:

The focus of my message is the work of a so-called “secret service”. Therefore, I would like to describe in advance what I mean by that.

I am a normal citizen, which means that I am neither a secret service agent nor have I ever worked for a secret service organization. Before a crucial event occurred in my life, my knowledge of what a secret service is, what it does, or what means and methods are used, came from freely accessible sources, even if I had further assumptions very early in my life.

Of course, anyone who reads this will bring their own ideas about what an intelligence agency is or what its activities consist of.

My concern is to inform everyone about what is possible, what is believed, what is in the frame.

1.) At the time of this video recording, thousands of German citizens are being monitored by a secret service.
2.) This happens without a specific reason.
3.) When I speak of “monitor”, I mean primarily an acoustic and
Visual surveillance in the private home, in the rooms on the work place and in other places where you are. I do not mean cameras that are visible in public places or in shops of any kind.
4.) There are people who work for this “secret service” who are able to read another person’s mind and who are also able to “click into it” and to a certain extent a kind of ” Remote control ”.
5.) On the other hand, what Edward Snowden revealed a few years ago is a “children’s birthday party”.

When I speak of a “secret service” in the course of this message, I do not mean explicitly a known secret service, such as the Federal Intelligence Service, the CIA or NSA, but rather an organization that operates on the basis of a secret service but does not officially appear by name.

I will now describe why I know that I am under surveillance by an intelligence agency and why confirmation of what I say is extremely important, even if I can no longer witness it.

First guess

My life can be divided into two sections. Once in a time when I occasionally thought about whether I might be under surveillance and when I had complete certainty that it was.

The time span in which I suspected that a “secret service” was “monitoring” me can be retrospectively dated from the day I was born until September 11, 2001.

I would like to start chronologically with an impression that took place shortly after my birth.

Today I can no longer say exactly what is ultimately not decisive whether 5 days, 8 days or 12 days have passed since the actual birth in the hospital, but it was within this time period that I first came to consciousness or put it another way I noticed my surroundings for the first time and can therefore say that my human being had actually started from this moment on.

I was in my parents’ apartment and was held in the bathtub by my mother, who handed me over to my father shortly afterwards, as she obviously had difficulties holding me and washing me or I can still do a sentence with my mother remember: “He is so small …”.

He is so small …

In parallel with these first impressions, I heard a voice in my mind that was starting for the first time, but which was not friendly and read: “Oh, that’s stupid, I went into the trap”. I immediately replied “No” to this woman’s voice and fell asleep again shortly afterwards.

Oh … that’s stupid, I went into the trap!

In retrospect, I can still remember a number of sequences from my first years of life and, above all, that in the first few years I had the idea whether it might be that I was being monitored by other people, this thought primarily at first Impression of my awakening was based on the voice I heard in the bathroom and had left a lasting impression on me. In addition, I grasped humanity itself, the world around me, and it quickly became clear to me that, to put it simply, people are not always nice to each other or that people are themselves the enemy.

Of course, my question had to remain unanswered, but I personally came to the conclusion as a young boy that this is possible, which I of course found anything but a nice fact.

I never spoke to anyone about this presumption as a 2-year-old or later as a 6-year-old or 11-year-old and postponed the answer to this question until later when I am an adult.

I don’t mean to say that I have been thinking about it all the time, but every now and then I have had such thoughts in my mind, whether there could be people who have no inhibitions, into the private sphere of myself or other people penetrate. So the question I asked myself was, is this conceivable or possible.

Unfortunately, I had to answer this question with a yes. However, at that time I could not defend myself against it and had to live with the suspicion.

Crucial interview with a colleague from banking

Now I would like to jump into the year 1999, because there was a discussion with a former colleague from banking apprenticeship that was essential for me in many ways.

At that time I was 22 years old and I had met him in his new apartment in Frankfurt and talked about various things.
This conversation, which I am reproducing here, is of course not according to the exact wording, but is a summary of the essential content.

I would like to see a second part of Basic Instinct again …

I would like to add that it was noticeable to me that the “secret service” was there during the conversation on that day, as I could “feel it”.

One of the topics of our conversation was crime, or more generally, the bad behavior of certain ethnic groups, namely Turks, Moroccans, Lebanese, Kurds, etc.

There was already a kind of consensus between the two of us on this topic.

We both had similar personal experiences at the time, which resulted in an aversion to these ethnic groups and were therefore on the same wavelength in this regard.

From today’s perspective, I can safely describe these personal experiences as “harmless” in quotes, such as deliberately provoked arguments on the way home from school or stupid turn on in the disco. Harmless because no personal damage in the form of injuries or the loss of valuables was the result. However, friends from school or other acquaintances also heard other outcomes or variants, such as actual physical attacks to knife attacks and corresponding injuries. From newspapers, for example, you could finally hear the end of the spectrum, such as fights by 5 foreigners against a German and the most serious injuries or even deaths resulting from it.

During my apprenticeship as a bank clerk, I was also able to experience a bank robbery first-hand and to look through index cards of several hundred potential suspects at the police station, with about 90% of these people being non-Germans. These non-Germans were mainly southern countries, i.e. Turks and North Africans.

Since no comparable experiences were made with “Germans”, I had already personally drawn a conclusion from all these experiences and impressions.

This knowledge gain comprised several steps:

First of all, I asked myself the basic question of how it can be that such ethnic groups are in my country at all?
These people are instinctively rejected externally and have also not proven to be efficient in their history.
Conversely, I got to know my own people as a country from which the best and most beautiful arises and outgrows what this world has to offer. At this point it is not possible for me to list all achievements in all scientific fields, but the facts speak for themselves.

In my eyes, something didn’t match here.

On the one hand, my people are responsible for the fact that we have lifted humanity as a whole, on the other hand, apparently, certain people from my own country also have

contributed to the fact that we now have ethnic groups, races or cultures in our midst that are destructive in every respect.

I came to the first conclusion that when I come into this world, these people cannot be there at all. It is absurd.
However, since these peoples are particularly numerous on this planet and are obviously not willing to voluntarily forego further propagation or, on the contrary, surprisingly find themselves particularly great, although they are not, a problem must be solved.

My further conclusion was:

Therefore, an effort to achieve the complete expulsion of these people from our country can no longer be a solution, since the existence of certain ethnic groups is in itself a fundamental mistake and the problem is only shifted to future generations. It cannot be that I have to deal with such a problem at all, and all future generations should not have to deal with such a problem at all.

Therefore, I said that the following peoples must be completely destroyed: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Israel, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, the entire Saudi Peninsula, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Kazakhstan, Turkmekistan, Uzbekistan, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and the Philippines.

And that would only be the rough cleaning. After that, there has to be a fine cleanup, which affects the remaining African countries, South and Central America, the Caribbean and of course your own people.

I noted that not everyone who has a German passport today is purebred and valuable; I can imagine halving the population.

If a button is available to make this a reality, I would press it immediately, so quickly that you couldn’t even see it. The only requirement for me would be that this must take place from one second to the next, since I am not guilty or interested in the suffering of these people, because it is conceivable that there is an infinite cycle of life in this universe, so that in any other life I am exactly the person I want to destroy today. But I would eliminate all of these people, even if we are talking about several billion here, but it has to be done, especially in view of the fact that we have to achieve an ultimate goal, namely the “solution of the riddle”.

Because, I would like to emphasize that we have not created paradise on earth with this and that someone should believe that a satisfactory condition on this planet would be achieved if 500 million people of Germanic descent were walking around on earth.

By “solving the riddle” I mean that the only thing that matters is that we humans get to know what is actually going on here. How can a universe arise, what is it all about, how can life arise in general, how could man emerge, where does it all lead, i.e. systematically push for complete enlightenment, be it scientifically and / or spiritually.

Of course, this is a daunting task and will require thousands of other generations, although it is of course not possible to specify precisely whether this will take 2,000, 5,000 or 300,000 years – if at all.

Because whether humanity will ever succeed is also a question that can be answered in the negative, since it is also conceivable that we are not a “winner”.

“Winner species” is defined solely by whether we have solved the puzzle and not by the fact that we live on average every 120 years, have defeated the disease cancer, can build houses that are 2 kilometers high or can get to the most remote planets ,

We also have to fly a “time loop” and destroy the planet we call our homeland before the first life came into existence billions of years ago. Because we cannot let everything that has ever happened on earth leave the millions of sufferings that people have suffered.

In this only relevant mission, we also do not have unlimited time, since natural disasters of all kinds must be taken into account, which may not completely eliminate us before we have reached the goal, but can always set ourselves back decisively.

As of today, however, very few races or races have emerged positively, while other races and cultures have not only made no contribution here, but are destructive – especially Islam.

Hence my conclusion to “eliminate the countries with their populations” so that mankind has a chance to “solve the riddle”, because this will certainly not be possible in the presence of a numerically superior majority of idiots.
Of course, at that time I was talking and now the meaning of what I said was completely clear, so I added the question, if my point of view is rejected, what should human development look like?

If one negates race differences and thus differences in performance between the races, then one is probably convinced that these differences come from other causes and are therefore only temporary and a development to the positive is possible.

Then the question arises, what should this further development look like and be carried out?

Since it is impossible to accommodate billions of people on our territory in order to give them better living conditions, one must go to these people.

So no immigration to us, but local help.

This on-site aid can now take a wide variety of humanitarian forms and has been practiced for decades.

However, besides the superficial concerns such as a lack of medical facilities, hunger and the lack of an education system, there is often a lot

more crucial problem that corrupt criminal regimes have their own people in their hands and let them live in hell, be it for hunger for power or religious blindness.

There is torture and murder a thousand times over and this is not prevented by the so-called West, which cannot be the solution.

At the time, I specifically named two countries, Afghanistan and Iraq, which can be viewed both geographically and politically as the center of evil or backwardness and which must be developed by the West.

To this end, I have now developed concrete tactics and a basic strategy for the successful military elimination of these regimes.

I will not give any details here and refer to my website

If one wages these wars, two theses essential for the future of humanity can be tested:

1.) Can these ethnic groups develop for the better or
2.) All hope is lost and the total destruction is legitimate

Then as now, my view was that thesis 2 is correct. The following generations can now check whether I was right or not.

Strategy for the United States

Since the United States was the only power at that time to be able to wage these wars, I started to deal with the situation of the United States.

In 1999, the United States was the No. 1 world power.

My question was, but will it still be in the future?

A look back in time reveals that all the world powers, one can also speak of high cultures or great empires, which humans have ever created, decline after a certain period of time. So if there is a kind of natural principle of emergence, flowering and decline, then the USA will not be able to escape this logic of ascent and fall.
Predicting the decline of the United States is therefore not an intellectual feat.

I was certain that in 5 or 10 years, the United States would still be a world power or the only world power. But what will be in 20, 30 or 40 years? What about china Due to the sheer size of the population, this country may at some point, one can only estimate it, but perhaps by 2040 it will be so strong that it will compete with the United States for the title of “superpower”.

As a conceivable scenario, I noted that I can imagine that in 2040, if I am already a retiree, this could actually have happened that the USA is no longer the No. 1 because the so-called “elites” of the country don’t know what to do.

At that moment, I began to design a strategy to make the United States the world’s number one power beyond 2040.
The goal must be to remain at the top level both economically and militarily.

First to the economy.

How can you identify an economic superpower?

Of course, by comparing the gross national product, meaning that the USA and China have reached the same level at some point.

It must be emphasized, however, that the economic strength is not just a matter of the size of the gross national product or of having large market shares in as many sectors as possible, e.g. 75% on washing machines or 80% on razors, but also on whether a nation is able to trigger progressive innovations such as the invention of the phone, the car, the plane, the rocket, the computer, medical remedies, etc. …

Based on this capability, it will decide whether China will be able to take a leading role and become a superpower.
At that time, in 1999, the situation for me was as follows:

China is not yet a country that excels in the field of high technology, that is to say it delivers inventions of considerable magnitude even here.

Many western companies have helped to build China, be it from a cost perspective, to be able to serve their own markets more competitively or to be the first to participate in a large future lucrative market.

The current status at the time was that the branches or production facilities opened by western companies were often not high-quality or complex products, but it can be assumed that this will only be a first step in a series of further development steps.

In addition, it must be expected that the Chinese leadership will have the goal of becoming more and more independent of the knowledge of the West in order to ultimately be able to produce the most modern products and services. This will only be a matter of time.

So for me the following picture emerged:

This conceivable rise of China will not only be a natural process that is unstoppable and will be based on the hard work of the Chinese people and the intelligence of the Chinese leadership, but we ourselves, the so-called “West”, will become a major complicity in such a development wear.

The basic problem can be described as follows:

We are not talking about a homogeneous body when we speak of the “western states”. We compete with each other ourselves, so it will always be for individual states

or companies from the USA or Europe may be attractive from the respective micro perspective or from short-term profit striving to do business with China.

So we need to create a new organization that works similarly to NATO and is economically a defense alliance against China. The primary goal of this organization must be to ensure that our high technology does not get to China, i.e. that a form of technology lock is imposed and monitored.

In order to clarify this necessity, I tried the following example:

Assuming in the next few decades, 18 known key technologies will emerge worldwide, whereby I defined them as technologies that not only have the potential to create completely new industries, but can also completely eliminate several industries.

Without such an organization, China could own 8 such technologies through voluntary technology transfer or through copy or espionage.

With such an organization or based on your own performance, for example, only one or two.

In summary: Should China succeed in becoming the superpower of the USA in 2040, then this was primarily a failure on our part, since the West was not united against the opponent and short-term profit interests over long-term success.
In addition to China, I identified another nation that needs to be brought into focus: Mexico.

As early as 1999, I suspected that the NAFTA agreement would not prove to be beneficial for the United States. Here I differentiated between two perspectives. For American companies, that is, from the perspective of corporate management, it can be quite attractive to relocate production to Mexico, which is logically or sensible from an economic point of view. However, from the perspective of what is good for the whole country, this free trade agreement will turn out to be negative, as jobs and entire industries will be lost, which in turn cannot be in the interest of the state or the people as a whole, especially if they are not can be replaced by equivalent jobs or new industries.

At the time, I could only suspect the trade deficits with China and Mexico known today.

On the other hand, Mexico is the starting point for two other problems that need to be addressed, namely drug smuggling and illegal immigration.

This problem can be solved quite simply by building a continuous “wall” to Mexico.

Back to China. Regardless of the question of whether China will be able to economically catch up with the United States by 2040, there is a second side of the coin, namely that of the military armed forces.

From this point of view, the discrepancy between the two nations was and is more clearly recognizable.
But we’re talking about possible scenarios 40 years later in the future.

If China has economically caught up with the US, the resources are also available to build a corresponding military superpower.

Of course, it is not advisable to assume that today’s lead will automatically continue for decades to come.
In other words, the first conclusion is that something has to happen that goes beyond keeping the defense budget at the same level and relying abstractly on any combat systems that are gradually being revamped, such as a new fighter jet, attack helicopter, aircraft carrier, missile defense system etc.

In my opinion, military clout is expressed primarily by troops with practical experience.

Furthermore, the question of whether or not superpower is ultimately of a purely fictitious nature if I do not actually exercise the actual power that I could exercise.

Therefore, the question initially asked, what can I do from today’s perspective to maintain the status quo is the wrong question – if the decline is inevitable anyway or even this successful avoidance of the China challenge only postpones the actual dilemma, but not really solves.

The real crucial question is, what do I do when I have the power and the resources, how do I use superpower status?
My answer was: There are currently enough despots, tyrants and criminal regimes in this world that, while not militarily an immediate threat, seem to be more than morally and humanly necessary to remove.

Now you can combine two things.

On the one hand, using power for the benefit of mankind, on the other hand, training his own army which no peace maneuver can achieve.

In addition to training the entire command structure and tactics, the aspect of innovating is the most important point. Since ultimately only practice can provide the decisive clues as to what works (in terms of equipment, technology, tactics) and what doesn’t, war is ultimately the best way to develop your military.

My advice was therefore: wage your military machine to a war, because only this will really make you better. If you liberate Iraq and Afghanistan, you are also doing something good.

In order to conserve resources, there must be a break after consolidation for around 20 years.
Start training for your military again in 2030.

This training should ensure that in 2040 the military machine is at one level, that you still have the status of “world power no. 1”, even if the pari state has occurred economically.

Incidentally, the chosen strategy is extremely resistant from a spy point of view, because it can never be ruled out that a foreign secret service will learn, for example, technical details of a weapon and will be able to copy it.
When a division or entire army is at war, it learns to do things better every day, processes change, adapt, the quality and effectiveness of an army is no longer measured only in the number of tanks, in the quality of the Armor, etc., but especially in the practical experience of the people who use this device in hostile situations. Nobody can copy that unless they are at war themselves.

Compared to past wars in the USA, such as Vietnam, Korea or the Second World War, the human losses in these two missions will be significantly lower. At that time I thought 2,000 to 3,000 dead were realistic. Allied states’ losses not included.

In summary, my strategy recommendation for the USA was:

Phase 1, focus on the army by strengthening the military through war in Iraq and Afghanistan, then phase 2 with strengthening its own economy with a focus on eliminating the imbalance in trade relations with Mexico and China.
I mentioned that a billionaire (for phase 2) should take the helm, because his personality is most likely to set the economic course for the United States.

At that time, Ross Perot’s failure was still in the back of my mind. My strategy is currently being implemented in the USA!

This is a great honor for me!

However, the story doesn’t end here.


Already 20 years ago I came to the problem analysis, why Germany tolerates this constant foreign crime, to the conclusion that the offending foreigners are only one side of the coin, because on the other side there are Germans who are either ignorant or too weak or too stupid, to solve the problem, so send everyone out of the country again.
Historical reasons can play a role here, or a lack of information, empathy or “bad experiences”.

Therefore, if you want to solve the issue of “alien crime”, you should not attack the “external enemy” too hastily, but defeat the “internal enemy” first.

This inner enemy, you can be yourself or your own people.

Since, as already mentioned, I had the impression or the presumption that a secret service was listening in on this conversation, I made the following comments:

Imagine that both of us are sitting here and are being listened to, while a foreigner is committing a crime just a few kilometers away at the time we are talking here.

That would be outrageous and impertinence without equal, because it would mean that Germans monitor Germans for no reason, but at the same time crimes of foreigners against Germans take place that cannot be prevented, although they could easily be prevented, which amounts to double treason.

I went so far as to say that if I ever inherit my parents’ house, I will sell it in order to use the proceeds of the sale to do this education.

This did not happen, however, because the said “secret service agents” were now playing a malicious game with me.

The last point, which is actually a secondary point, developed less than two years later, September 11, 2001.

Theme women

I come back to the conversation with my colleague from banking, which of course also dealt with the topic of “women”. In advance, I have to say that I had never had a girlfriend up to this point, because I only liked very few of the “exterior” and I had particularly high demands.

Since there is a desire in everyone to no longer be alone, there is a desire to find the right partner, the state of non-fulfillment can be joy and performance-inhibiting.

That’s how I felt the time from the 15th to the 22nd year of life. However, a compromise that I could certainly have made more often, namely to take a less good looking woman, with whom I somehow got on well, was out of the question – I wanted the best or nothing.

The secret service that has been watching me for a lifetime knew about this “Achilles’ heel”, and I had openly declared war on these invisible and unknown people.

In October 2000 I started my business studies in Bayreuth with the hope of finally meeting an attractive woman there.
First of all, I shouldn’t be disappointed because a young student from the outside matched my expectations.
However, this meeting, like the non-meeting, was controlled by this “secret organization”, which I was not aware of at the time.

So at first I lived in the hope of finally finding my happiness in love and the first semester passed and the summer semester of 2001 started.

The following development is not easy to communicate, especially since as an outsider you can easily get the impression that my life was always about the impression that I was being spied on. It is not so.

I would therefore like to emphasize that since my conversation two years ago I have had such thoughts extremely rarely, if at all.

However, there was an occasion for this, which I do not want to address here, since it is ultimately not relevant to the matter. But what I can say later about this is that you wanted to set the wrong track.

Therefore I would like to leave out superfluous details at this point and come straight to the relevant point, namely that at some point I suspected that the student’s parents had me monitored.

I started to deal with this situation and after a few weeks I started talking directly to the invisible people in my student apartment. I didn’t want to file a complaint directly with the police, I just wanted to wait and see.

At that time, in my naivety, I thought I could get people to stop and stop monitoring.

For example, I said: “Could you please stop listening to me and watching me …”

If I had known at the time that I had been under surveillance for a lifetime, I would certainly not have said some things, such as following:

Jürgen Klinsmann to become DFB coach and Oliver Bierhoff team manager …

Why I said these things can perhaps be explained psychologically in such a way that this “attention” that you feel, which is of course extremely unpleasant on the one hand, but on the other hand is a kind of spotlight in which you want to cut a good figure or show what you know or know everything.

So I started e.g. to develop a strategy for the DFB to win tournaments again. For details, I would like to refer to my written estate again.

Another example: The original reason for my interest in business administration resulted from the fact that I had read many company reports, e.g. from the Handelsblatt, Manager Magazin or books, which aroused more and more interest in me, what do successful companies do differently than unsuccessful ones. What are the reasons for that. The answer to this was becoming increasingly clear as this had something to do with the term “strategy”. I wanted to learn more about it.

The reality at the university was all the more disappointing, since exactly this exciting and decisive question was hardly addressed. One danced around the topic, so to speak, and dealt with less important or derived questions.
So I expressed the wish to set up a new chair. This should be called “International Management” and address the important issue of globalization of the economy.

I wasn’t really expecting this to happen, but you can talk about it …

Specifically, I still wanted the professor to bring a little more than usual practical experience and come from Siemens. I also ordered the assistant or doctoral candidate according to “certain appearances” (short blonde hair, with a large bust) … and actually got it a few years later.

This detail is worth mentioning, since such a young woman must have fulfilled several criteria, a degree in business administration, the described appearance and of course being able to fill a doctoral position intellectually. At that time there would not have been too many eligible women in Germany. But this has been done, which leads me to the conclusion that the surveillance intensity in Germany is very high and must therefore be based on a real surveillance state.

Back to the summer semester 2001, which ended without love luck and to be monitored by me with increasing certainty.
It was also a fact that the secret service now had to assume that, for the first time in their history, someone who is being monitored by you would have noticed and even spoken to you.

I had the idea of ​​a school friend, whose father had a relative with the CIA, whose help he called in, who I rejected at the time.

In the night from September 10, 2001 to September 11 – it was still a semester break, but I was now back in my apartment in Bayreuth – I got a dream that was so uncomfortable that one could visualize the “surveillance” can speak, and worked so strongly that I woke up in bed at night and exclaimed “you will get it back”, by which I mean the people who are currently obviously monitoring me.

You will get that back!

The well-known attack on the World Trade Center occurred the next day.

I intuitively knew that there was a connection with me or that the attack was carried out by the United States itself.

I resisted the pressure for a few weeks, but I saw my studies at risk, and I still didn’t fully understand why someone was letting September 11 happen.

So in January 2002, I went to the police for the first time to report illegal surveillance.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to the goal.

In the following weeks and months, the whole picture gradually opened up to me and if I had previously been under surveillance since studying, I unfortunately had to find out that my whole life had been caught up in a secret organization.

In autumn 2004, I filed a new complaint, this time in another police station, and was rejected again.
In 2019 I made the third and last attempt.

I contacted various private investigators and submitted two notices, one to the public prosecutor’s office in Hanau and one to the federal attorney general in Karlsruhe.

The best possible result was that a private investigator recommended a remote viewing institute in Austria to which I should turn. But this gentleman (Bernd Gloggnitzer) wrote me a few weeks later that he could not help me.


Now I would like to come to a topic that is out of the ordinary at first, but is nevertheless of decisive relevance.
The secret organization that oversees me influences which Hollywood films are made or which content is filmed.
Another topic of conversation with my colleague from banking was film and I mentioned some things that I would like to see in the cinema or what these films should look like.

Here are four examples:

Since I found, or still feel, Sharon Stone to be a very attractive woman, I said that it would be nice if I could see a second part of Basic Instinct again; this film was supposed to take place in England.

It would be interesting if Tom Cruise once played a killer, because this was completely outside the scope of his previous role.

In addition, I have developed a more detailed idea of ​​two contents of a series and how this series should be structured.

I told him that when I was a little boy I saw the film “Escape from Alcatraz” on television with Clint Eastwood, which I found very exciting. So, as the story was told, how someone manages to escape from prison, but at the end of the film it was a shame that the film was over now, but I would like more of it, so somehow it should go on. I said to myself, many viewers will feel the same way that they are captivated by a film and would like more of it. So I got the idea that such a film should be shot again, but not as a feature film (i.e. over 90 or 120 minutes), but as a series and the story should be extended to 10 hours. This could create a whole new dimension of tension. In addition, the time after the outbreak could also be filmed in a new season.

With the television series “Prison Break” this has been implemented accordingly – very good, in my opinion.

In retrospect, I unknowingly provided the basic idea at the time, but of course neither wrote the script, nor selected the actors, nor contributed anything to the real implementation of this season.

I can say the same thing about the “Vikings” series.

Here, too, I got the idea that it is interesting and exciting to tell the story of the Vikings with Hollywood Power from today’s perspective. Starting with the first sea trips to England, the raids there, the way of life, the first points of contact with a new religion – Christianity, the conquest of Paris. I still remember that I mentioned that with such an epic, it is important that, if possible, it is shot in real nature or, in other words, that studio scenes are avoided.

I could give more examples, but I am certain that it has become clear that this can no longer be a coincidence.
During the summer semester, when I was talking to the suspected listeners in the apartment, I said, among other things, that this fact that I am being monitored – I already imply that I intend to defend myself accordingly – I would, if necessary fly a plane into a building to get the appropriate attention – it will go down in world history and Hollywood films would be made after me one day.

It was only later that I realized how correct I was when I said these words.

Because not only after September 11, 2001 films were made based on my inspiration, but the Hollywood connection already existed before.

In a hidden way, that is, in the film format, these people processed their own abilities, or the extraordinary abilities that are accessible to you and unknown to the public, more or less specifically.

The following examples:

“Look who is talking” – In the film the viewer can hear the thoughts of the toddlers – in reality these people can read the thoughts of me or of everyone.

“The Cell” with Jennifer Lopez – The film portrays a woman who has the special gift of being able to latch onto a person’s brain. Specifically, she intervenes in that of a murderer in order to do something good, namely to save a missing woman from death – in reality, this is used by me or other people, without a specific reason, and thus steals complete privacy ,

“Starship Troopers” – This film is about a not too distant future, in which future special units of an army already have “telepathic skills” – this has been a reality for some time.

There may be many more such sequences from films and series, but not all of them are known to me and I cannot or do not have to list them here.

In summary, I would like to illustrate with these examples that exactly this ability to “read minds” and “latch into someone else’s brain” is filmed by the same organization that has this ability!

Latch into the brain

As already mentioned, I spoke to the secret service on various days in my apartment during the summer of 2001. Among other things, I asked that I get to know the latest secret service methods.

They fulfilled this wish by having the possibility of “latching on to someone else’s brain” illustrated by dream.

In this “dream” I saw my father coming down the stairs in our house with a phone on my ear while I was standing downstairs.

Shortly afterwards I saw a “woman” who also held a phone to your ear and spoke to me, “that is even more blatant” …

Tobias, I wanted to tell you …

Tobias, I wanted to tell you …

It makes it clear to me that she was able to influence the fact that my father started talking to me and could also influence the contents or mood of my father.

Note: To prevent misunderstandings, according to my current state of knowledge, the manipulation can also be done without a physical phone – the phone is therefore to be understood as a methaphor.

Normally, I would have to describe this point much more intensely, because on the one hand it drives the monitoring intensity to an extreme, since even your own thoughts are no longer intimate, i.e. the stealing of privacy is almost 100% carried out, and on the other hand it monitors the transition from passive to actively intervene in life, and particularly with regard to my efforts to make this surveillance public difficult because the people whom I called in to help were exposed to this manipulation.

However, this one clue remained; on the other hand, it was as short as I have described to you.


If I briefly forget that I have never had a private or private sphere to this day, there are a number of events that have written world history that can be traced back to my will and I could therefore feel good. Two criminal regimes were eliminated, the United States adjusts its major strategy according to my ideas and Hollywood films were filmed based on my inspiration. At this point I would like to briefly mention that this is far from all. I could give many more examples of the same dimension. And … what now tops off the whole, I am apparently an ordinary young man from Germany. At least I was young when I thought and said things, now I’m 42 years old. Right, because of many things, I could feel good and I did.

However, there are many negative side effects for me, which I would like to clarify again here.

One major consequence, for example, is that I haven’t had a wife / girlfriend for a lifetime, not the last 18 years because I don’t take a wife if I know that I’m being monitored.

As I said to my colleague, as mentioned earlier, that someday I would go so far as to sell my father’s house just to find out if someone was monitoring me, so the answer was not long in coming since a few months later mine Father lost his job as branch manager, remained unemployed for several years and then could never really find anything of equal value, so the home financing that was still running or running was more or less endangered.

This was a tough psychological burden for my family.

Since the pension is not enough, my father is currently forced to continue full-time employment as a 70-year-old.
Incidentally, this dismissal did not result from the fact that two secret service agents personally went to my father’s former employer and got him to do it

Saying termination, but invisibly, you clicked into the brain and generated the desired result by remote control.
To round off the picture, I would like to note that I suffered some physical injuries, which I also attribute to this “organization” and have satanic features or can be described in legal usage as “dangerous to the public”.

I would like to dispense with a specific naming at this point, because the future will reveal the truth.


For the origin of my surveillance, two options currently appear to me to be possible.

Due to the lost Second World War and the subsequent Cold War, I can imagine a US background in which Germany and its population were targeted, which was justified by the National Socialist past or Soviet espionage.

Another possibility is that the creators are “Germans”, who, however, must have a strong connection to the USA.
Which variant is actually correct, the fact is the following:

These people are (to put it casually) a little different than ordinary people you meet.

This follows from what has been described, because on the one hand you were my constant companion in life and, according to your logic, intervened in my life, sometimes positively, sometimes negatively.

I would like to emphasize that I am writing these lines mainly because I am certainly not an isolated case, and many other people in Germany or the rest of the world are in a similar safety net and have had to experience comparable things, the real cause of which they are but have not even been able to even begin to introduce it.

These people are above the American President, who is generally considered the most powerful man on the planet.

When I started communicating openly with these people in the summer of 2001, this probably triggered something that I explain as follows:

It is an achievement, maybe even an outstanding achievement, to have noticed what I am being monitored, and some of them will call me a “genius” because I was mentally able to grasp and imagine an invisible process. And … this has to be emphasized again so that it was correct!

Since it must be not only a very powerful organization, but also a larger organization with at least several hundred people, I had either caught attention inside or outside of this organization in such a way that a new group “clicked in” because I associate this with September 11th.

Simply put, someone liked who I am, what I said, how I think and how I see things.

Their core performance to this day is that they stick together over a very long period of time. None of them came to a point to put an end to exposing the methods and thus the organization.

The source of funding is unclear. Where do the funds come from to carry out such surveillance?

In their ranks are people who have special gifts, namely being able to read another person’s thoughts and being able to manipulate them. The question is whether this is an innate ability or one that can be “learned”? What are the requirements for this to work? How intensively this “remote control” can be driven is also unclear to me. Nobody will run against the wall voluntarily, i.e. they can be driven to do nonsensical actions, but in the context of everyday life, encounters, conversations and turns can be directed in a certain direction.

Can you manipulate someone so that that person hangs himself? This would enable them to carry out the perfect crime because they would never have to be personally on site when the crime was committed or because no normal person would conclude that the cause of death was caused in this way.

Since I was most likely the only one of the population who guessed what they were doing, I became an ambivalent case for them.

On the one hand, she was definitely impressed by this, especially since I correctly assessed the situation at a very young age, maybe I even set the ultimate world record, because in retrospect I interpreted the situation correctly after only a few seconds in my life. On the other hand, this was again not a desirable state of affairs for them, because in the long term they could imagine that I would become a problem for them if I did not let go of the clarification to the end.

When it comes to implementing the DFB strategy, the question arises for me: did you only get this through so-called “remote control” or has any DFB manager ever seen my face or heard a spoken word from me?

The personal details of Oliver Bierhoff and Jürgen Klinsmann, as well as the American fitness trainers are the visible part of the implementation of my strategy recommendation.

I cannot say whether the DFB team actually left the 2004 European Championship voluntarily, nor do I know to what extent my other recommendations were implemented.

I also doubt that Donald Trump knowingly implements my recommendations, since I am sure that this works via the so-called remote control.

So there is actually a so-called “shadow government”!

Of course, I can only assume how intensive surveillance is in Germany. But the picture that emerges for me is that it must be an unimaginable size and intensity.

A major concern of mine is that future central surveillance of the population will never be implemented or that the existing one will be exposed and eliminated.


All of this cannot be a coincidence:

– The Iraq and Afghanistan war (especially in the way they were waged)
– The personal details at the DFB, Jürgen Klopp’s trainer stations
– The Chair of International Management at the University of Bayreuth
– The listed Hollywood films
– That a billionaire in the USA is now implementing my policy recommendation (I even developed some slogans, such as “America First, Buy American and Hire American”)

As already mentioned, I could give a number of other examples that fall into the same category.

I have had the privilege of thinking along these milestones for the past 18 years and training my brain capacity based on these strategic signals.

Personally, there has been no doubt for a long time that I am right to say that I am being monitored by a secret organization.

At that time, I had unwittingly dialed the American police emergency number “911” or better put it, I was allowed to dial it.

However, this emergency call did not help.

Of course, the content and examples shown are only a small part of what I have experienced or said in my life.
It is not possible to reproduce a whole life on just a few pages, especially the subjective impressions, what has been seen and experienced, as well as every train of thought.

The main purpose of my remarks is to work out the essentials, which I would like to summarize here:

Humanity on this planet is sold for a very small so-called “elite” for stupid, which has a secret knowledge that it intentionally withheld from the masses.

I would also like to refer to further secrets that can be found as links on my homepage.

If an ordinary thief breaks into a car or gets into a house, you may not have seen anyone, but you know that you have been the victim of a crime because you either miss objects or see signs of departure.

If a secret organization starts surveillance, you have also become a victim of a crime. However, it has generally not been noticed that the crime was committed.

That is the serious and decisive difference.

How should and can the population defend itself against a crime that they do not even know is taking place?
The second peculiarity is that those who practice the “crime” have been informed of all the steps I have taken to publicize the crime. They even took note of the writing of these lines in real time.

Furthermore, I assume that the relevant people at the police or authorities that I called in were manipulated accordingly, with the result that they were able to prevent their own prosecution.

When I was only a few years old, I swore to myself that if I am right about being monitored, there will be war!
For all the reasons mentioned, I had no choice but to act as I did to get the necessary attention.

This war is to be understood as a double blow, against the secret organization and against the degeneration of our people!

People come and go. What remains is the people! Look closely at who the people are in the future.