Comparing Coerced Vaccination to the Holocaust is a Crime Against the Jews

Jew-hating vaccine denialists are once again comparing the British Government’s plan to coercively vaccinate the public to the Holocaust of the Jews.

These vaccine deniers appeared at massive anti-lockdown marches in Britain, falsely wearing yellow Jew stars that say “covid” and claiming that forced vaccination is like a new Holocaust.

As one brave Twitter user correctly pointed out, there is no pile of shoes outside of any forced vaccination center in the UK.

As the old saying goes: “unless the shoe is lost, there is no Hall-o-Cost.”

A black birder on Twitter went on to point out that white people are a disgusting plague.

Others called for those who would protest the holy sacrament of the sacred vaccine to lose their jobs.

Even the Auschwitz Museum itself came out to denounce these white racists.

Unfortunately, the white supremacist media is covering up just how massive this anti-Semitic march was, as a way to cover up the rising threat of white supremacy, vaccine denial, QAnon, Nazism, Bronies and so on.

There is only one cure for Nazism, and that is forced vaccination.


(Editor’s Note: I’m trying to capture the way that the media mixes up all of the racist hoax stuff with the coronavirus stuff. You see? Do you see what I’m doing there? Everything that white people do gets bundled up in this package of anti-whiteness. Look at the way the blacks are rolled out to support the vaccine, even whilst blacks have a higher vaccine refusal rate than whites.)