Communists and Anarchists Converge on Whitefish to Defend World’s Richest Ethnic Group

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
January 18, 2017

The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) at one point in history had some interesting ideas and figures (Eugene Debs, Bill Haywood), but their ceiling for growth was low due to the many Jews who used it as a front to push for unbridled immigration – something no genuine working man will ever really agree with.

Today, the IWW counts capitalist-approved millionaire Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine guitarist), college professors and upper-middle class students who think stretching out your ears and dying your hair blue makes you an oppressed minority. Because their message has failed to gain traction with actual working people, they have gone from leading miner strikes while under fire from Pinkerton busters to inciting unemployed black gang members against random working class whites (because it’s easy).

On Monday, they went to march in solidarity with Whitefish’s Jewish oligarchs. So brave!  

Flathead Beacon:

WHITEFISH – About 50 self-proclaimed anti-fascists gathered in downtown on Monday to show solidarity with the community on the day a neo-Nazi group had been planning an armed march through town that was later postponed.

The peaceful demonstration on Martin Luther King Jr. Day came a week after a white supremacist website, The Daily Stormer, sent an incomplete application for a special event permit to the city of Whitefish. The website’s founder, Andrew Anglin, had announced plans to hold an armed march on Jan. 16 dubbed the “James Earl Ray Day Extravaganza,” referring to the assassin who shot and killed the civil rights icon.

City officials said they could not act on an incomplete permit, and Anglin announced on his website soon after that the march would be postponed until sometime in February.

Despite the cancellation of the Jan. 16 event, anti-fascists and others gathered in Whitefish in case neo-Nazis did move forward with their plan to march down Second Street from Memorial Park to City Hall.

Many of the protestors came from out of the area and were organized by a coalition of groups, including the Missoula chapter of the Industrial Workers of the World and the Queer Insurrection Unit. Some were masked and dressed in all back with pink armbands. One man, who asked not to be identified, said organizers chose to wear black to show the neo-Nazis that they were “militant” and would not be deterred by their weapons.

To clarify,  this small black bloc/Bolshevik fragile alliance came out to defend real estate speculator (((Tanya Gersh))), who sought to use Richard Spencer’s status to mobilize Whitefish Jewry into intimidating his mother into selling her property to Gersh and leaving the town. There was a racial incident, but it was Jew-on-white. It’s possible the wealthy Jews of Whitefish paid to bus in these faux-socialists in a show of force meant to dissuade any other whites thinking about fighting back.

Last but not least, the narcissism of these “Antifa” silver spoon dykes and eunuchs was put on full display. They knew the march on Whitefish was postponed due to the government making bizarre and almost impossible demands for a permit, and yet, they showed up anyway just to scratch their “Look At Me, Mommy!” itch.

The IWW and today’s Left have always prioritized fighting identity “-isms” over actually battling the system. Because the elites of the world agree with them on this front, they often wind up with the awkward optics of forming human chains around filthy rich Jewish mafia bullies like Tanya Gersh.

What Anti-Fascists don’t understand is that they’re on the wrong side of history. The concept of nationalism and the awakening to the reality of race is simply an idea whose time has come. If anyone thinks their blue hair, flabby muffin top and obsolete way of thought can halt our speeding train, they will be swept aside – perhaps even crushed.

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