Communist Jew Bernie Sanders Says He has “A Number of Plans” to Forcibly Remove Trump from Office

Daily reminder: this is happening.

The Democrats are saying that President Trump has already lost the election, and they will force him out of office using violence.

The communist Jew Bernie Sanders is saying that he’s got secret plans, which we assume are both Jewish and communistic, to remove the president from office.

Fox News:

Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., couldn’t nail down a plan for what lawmakers should do if President Trump refuses to concede the White House if he loses in November, but said there will be a “number of plans” if that scenario were to take place.

During an interview on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” that aired Friday, Maher pressed Sanders on the specific plan that lawmakers have in place in the event Trump refuses to concede, telling the senator, “I still don’t know what the plan is.”

“There are things that we have to do now to make sure that Biden wins,” Sanders said. “If Trump attempts to stay in office after losing, there will be a number of plans out there to make sure he is evicted from office.”

The controversy stems from Trump being asked repeatedly by members of the media in the last week if he would hand over the White House to Democratic opponent Joe Biden if the former vice president wins the November election, to which Trump has offered vague, noncommittal responses.

Although the administration has tried to tamp down fears that there would not be a peaceful transition of power, Trump has continued to stoke concerns, suggesting mail-in ballots could delegitimize the election results.

“We’re not gonna lose this, except if they cheat … that’s the only way we’re gonna lose, if there’s mischief,” Trump said Friday night during a campaign rally in Virginia.

Sanders, during the interview, said: “In other words, [Trump says] ‘if we win, that’s great, and if we lose, we really didn’t lose, because it’s rigged. We all know mail-in ballots are very dangerous, they’re a hoax, they’re a scam. So we cannot lose this election and obviously, we’re not leaving office.'”

Trump and GOP lawmakers both in Congress and in states across the country have filed numerous lawsuits challenging everything from the due date of absentee ballots to efforts by election activists to simplify the process for voters by eliminating confusing stipulations such as a witness signature that they say disenfranchises people from voting.

If there’s one thing that Jews are good at, it’s forcing people out of offices.

We are currently staring down the barrel of a full-on communist revolution.

If you’re not ready to get Jewed like you’ve never been Jewed before, then I suggest you prepare yourself.