Common Core and the Myth of Equality

Benjamin Garland
Daily Stormer
April 7, 2015

According to an article called ‘Does the Anti-Common Core Movement Have a Race Problem?,’ on the pro-Black website The Hechinger Report, a recent poll has shown that White people are disproportionately opposed to Common Core Standards:

While protests against the Common Core have sprung up in communities as diverse as New York City, St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana and Portland, Oregon, a new poll suggests that the protestors themselves may be less diverse: White parents tend to dislike the standards, while the majority of black and Hispanic parents approve of Common Core.

The NBC News State of Parenting Poll, which was sponsored by Pearson, a publisher of Common Core textbooks and tests, found that 50 percent of parents surveyed approved of the Common Core and 38 percent opposed the standards, which are grade level expectations in math and English in place in more than 40 states. But the plurality of white parents – 49 percent – opposed the standards, while 73 percent of Hispanic parents and 56 percent of black parents favored the Common Core.

This is no surprise, as the Common Core Standards are specifically designed to benefit non-White children by closing the ‘achievement gap’ between them and White children. Organizations such as the NAACP, the National Council of La Raza (“the race”), and over a dozen other ‘civil rights’ groups (which, by the way, all exist for the sole purpose of explicitly advancing the interests of non-White races) are in full support of it.

So obviously it is the interests of White people that are at stake in this, and that is why it is primarily Whites who are against it. Yet there is not one organization in existence that looks out for the interests of Whites. In fact, the Whites who are outspoken against Common Core wouldn’t even dare to be explicitly White and call out Common Core legislation for what it is, as that would be in direct violation of thy holiest of holies: political correctness.

Prominent anti-Common Core activists ‘Three Moms Against Common Core.’ They are pretty White.

Common Core is an Assault on White People

As we have reported many times already on Daily Stormer, and will continue to do so in the future, the insane Common Core education standards are a result of forced multiculturalism and the myth of equality between the races, and as such are designed to drag White children down to the level of the lower IQ non-Whites who have flooded into our country and could never be able to keep up otherwise.

Common Core has been met with much opposition, which is great, but one thing that continues to go unquestioned in our current society is this myth of egalitarianism, which will eventually lead to the complete displacement of Whites if not confronted head on. You will see opposition to Common Core, but you will never see its opponents raising the obvious argument that everyone is not equal.

This concept of ‘egalitarianism’ flies directly in the face of basic common sense, and, again, can only be achieved by dragging the higher elements down to the level of the lower elements. Common Core curriculum takes this concept to such extremes it even strives to “close the achievement gap” between those still learning English and native English speakers. This is to accommodate the millions of illegal Mexican invaders who are filling up our country and its schools.

That those who don’t speak proper English should be scoring the same on tests as those that do is even a topic of discussion is a sure sign of how fundamentally sick and insane our society has become. But, according to the dictates of the egalitarian ‘political correctness’ that controls the narrative of our society, differences in achievement between people can only ever be explained in ‘environmental’ terms (e.g. access to better schools, wealth, better parenting or the ubiquitous myth of “White privilege”), since everyone is deemed to be biologically exactly the same.

Since it is common dogma that there are no differences between the races, all discrepancies must, by default, be blamed on White racism (never mind the contradiction there). This has now reached heights of pathological insanity in our schools, to the point where there is actually a substantial movement to eradicate suspensions (non-Whites couldn’t possibly be biologically more unruly than Whites, therefore, that they get suspended more often must be due to ‘discrimination,’ right?).

You don’t think perhaps these people might possibly just have offspring who are more prone to criminality than Whites, do you?

Also, as more non-Whites come into White schools there is a natural inclination to change the curriculum in order to not make them feel bad since White people’s historical achievements are so much greater than the rest of the world’s. Teaching them the fact that White people have invented virtually everything of value on the planet would hurt their feelings, so the White race must suffer for this and instead learn that all they have ever really done is oppress brown people, because apparently White people’s feelings don’t matter, only brown people’s do.

So, who and what is behind this madness?

Cultural Marxism and Multiculturalism

The so-called ‘liberalism’ and ‘progressivism’ that dominates current society is actually what is more accurately referred to as ‘cultural Marxism,’ which is essentially Jewish interests intellectualized to remake all of society so it works toward the Jews’ benefit, in direct contrast to the interests of the native inhabitants who built the country, Whites.

Whereas true liberalism’s roots are traced back primarily to White intellectuals of the Enlightenment and subsequent French Revolution, Jewish activists hijacked the already deeply flawed and self-destructive ideas embedded in it and twisted them to their own benefit. One of the core ideas of liberalism – the equality of man – was invented long before multiculturalism was even a concept that had been considered by anybody, so it was inherently just referring to the White people who were inhabiting the White countries in which it was being popularized (though it did result in the emancipation of the Jews). The idea was essentially that a peasant could accomplish as much as a nobleman if only he were to have the environmental opportunity to do so (e.g. being raised around highly educated people and immersed in wealth), or vice versa – and so on.

While this was still the dominant view among the upper crust of the intellectual community of the West during the early 20th century, anthropology (the study of humans) was making much headway with genetic research and was revealing, scientifically, that societal status was determined primarily by race and heredity, rather than environmental opportunity, and that all of history is virtually defined by ethnic conflict, even among groups of similar genetic makeup – much less those who are radically different – and that societies rise and collapse depending on the racial purity and quality of its inhabitants. If the race that has built a given society is mixed with a lower race, or if the lower elements within the race outbreed the higher elements, the society is dragged down and loses its previous character, as the people who built it no longer exist in significant enough numbers to maintain its integrity.

Beginning with the work of the brilliant French aristocrat Count Arthur de Gobineau in the late 19th century, the cold hard fact that all high civilizations throughout history were a product of the creative genius that flowed from the White race, and the White race alone, and that the admixture of non-White races has only ever dragged these civilizations down (such as in Egypt and India), began to come to the surface with great clarity.

It didn’t take much foresight to see that this science was rapidly leading to the exposure of the Jews as an alien race that is unassimilable and historically and contemporaneously hostile to the White race – and indeed every other race in the world – as a group, primarily due to their genetics, rather than their religion or just a few bad individuals among them.

As a result, in an extremely well-organized and almost single-minded campaign to stop these developments that were so dangerous to their interests, the Jewish community frantically went into ‘damage control’ mode and got behind one of their own, Franz Boas, whose pseudo-scientific work took the ‘nurture over nature’ egalitarian argument of the Enlightenment thinkers and transmitted it onto the outrageous claim that there are no biological differences between the races aside from skin color. Taken in its literal form, a Somalian Negro who was born in Sweden would end up just as civilized as a White Swede, and vice versa. Boas’ insane and unfounded ideas, although they can be easily disproved in a thousand ways on a daily basis by ones own eyes, came to dominate the mainstream view on race in the West during the 1920s, and the true racial scientists were swept into the dustbin of history and are remembered as nothing more than outdated and discredited White supremacists.

The triumph of Boasian anthropology, followed by the anti-racist fervor whipped up in order to convince people to destroy National Socialist Germany in World War II – and the lies associated with that, namely that the Jewish “Holocaust” and fanatical dreams of world domination by an Aryan ‘Master Race’ are the inevitable outcome of White people having pride in their own race, or even recognizing that races are biologically different – laid the groundwork that eventually allowed Marxist Jewish intellectuals (the ‘Frankfurt School‘) to take over the entire narrative of Academia and use it to disseminate their self-serving, radical, anti-White leftism and ‘political correctness’ all throughout our society.

The backbone of the openly subversive ‘Frankfurt School’ is critical theory, which is the basis of modern-day ‘liberalism’ and the phenomenon of White guilt. Critical theory is the rewriting of history to portray White males as the historic oppressors (of non-Whites, females, sexual perverts, etc.) in order to make them hate themselves and want to atone for their sins by allowing themselves to be walked all over by all of the alleged ‘victim’ groups (who are in turn also taught to hate White males – and the White race in general – by the same Jewish lies).

Sadly, Whites are susceptible to these unwarranted feelings of guilt due to their inborn sense of fairness, so critical theory has been highly successful. The Frankfurt School and Boasian Anthropology (again, both Jewish movements pursuing specifically Jewish interests to the detriment of Whites – best documented by Dr. Kevin MacDonald in The Culture of Critique) formed the intellectual foundation behind what is the impending death knell of the West: multiculturalism.

The primary architect of Common Core is the self-identified Jew David Coleman, and his mentor is his Jew mother, Liz, who was a product of the New School of Social Research, an ideological successor to the Frankfurt School.

So we have been forced into a position in which we can’t argue against multiculturalism, because race supposedly doesn’t even exist, and if we do we are dismissed as Nazis, because we all know where that leads to: gas chambers and genocide. The White race is considered evil and as such must be eradicated at all costs – but race doesn’t exist.

The contradictions of the anti-White left can fill a book, but they don’t matter, as logical debate is out of the question. Anyone who objects to White displacement (of which Common Core is a part of) is simply shouted down, with frightening effectiveness, by smear terms such as “racist.”

The only way to even attempt to make multiculturalism work is by instituting a brutal anti-White tyranny, which is what we now living under.

I think it’s about time we start fighting back as White people, explicitly, as there is clearly a war being waged against us.

The future of our children depends on it.

(Note: Please share this article with all White people who oppose Common Core. Maybe it will plant a seed…)