(((Committee to Protect Journalists))) Names Trump as Threat to “Press Freedom”

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
October 16, 2016


Oy vey, this is all about human rights!

I’ve already written about the fact that not one single publication in America for – a nation of 319 million with an allegedly free press – has endorsed the GOP front runner Donald Trump for President (New York Post only endorsed Trump very critically during the primaries hoping he would completely sell out afterwards) three weeks before the general election – something that has never before happened in our history.

The reality of a completely censored press that serves as nothing but a political wing of America’s oligarchs doesn’t stop system-aligned Non-Governmental Organizations like “Committee to Protect Journalists” from trying to operate as agents to de-stabilize Russia, Iran and China while laughably cloaking themselves behind the veil of universal journalistic ethics.

The CPJ has upped the ante by accusing Trump of wanting to take away “freedom of the press” because the American people have finally seen through the transparent lies these people peddle.  Rather than reporting the news from all points of view and letting the viewer come to his own conclusion, American media is packaged agitprop that only gives politicized conclusions and crosses its fingers in hopes that the viewer or reader is too lazy to do their own research.

Now that people are, for the first time in a century, investing themselves in the American presidential race (since  there’s actually a candidate that represents the interests of the majority), the lies that went over their heads because they weren’t paying attention are no longer working.

I will preface this statement by the Committee for Protecting Jewish liars by noting no mention what so ever of Julian Assange, or Hillary Clinton asking playing with the idea of assassinating him with a drone. In case you want to try and dismiss this as a “joke” (Hillary wasn’t laughing), Hillary Clinton surrogate Bob Beckel went on  TV openly instructing people to murder the whistle blowing journalist Julian Assange.  No mention of this on the CPJ’s website, meaning that they’re lying partisans just like all the rest whining about the fact that people no longer believe in the flagrant lies of the Judenpress.


Guaranteeing the free flow of information to citizens through a robust, independent press is essential to American democracy. For more than 200 years this founding principle has protected journalists in the United States and inspired those around the world, including brave journalists facing violence, censorship, and government repression.

Donald Trump, through his words and actions as a candidate for president of the United States, has consistently betrayed First Amendment values. On October 6, CPJ’s board of directors passed a resolution declaring Trump an unprecedented threat to the rights of journalists and to CPJ’s ability to advocate for press freedom around the world.

Since the beginning of his candidacy, Trump has insulted and vilified the press and has made his opposition to the media a centerpiece of his campaign. Trump has routinely labeled the press as “dishonest” and “scum” and singled out individual news organizations and journalists.

Trump has refused to condemn attacks on journalists by his supporters. His campaign has also systematically denied press credentials to outlets that have covered him critically, including The Washington Post, BuzzFeed, Politico, The Huffington Post, The Daily Beast, Univision, and The Des Moines Register.

Throughout his campaign, Trump has routinely made vague proposals to limit basic elements of press and internet freedom. At a rally in February, Trump declared that if elected president he would “open up our libel laws so when they write purposely negative and horrible and false articles, we can sue them and win lots of money.” In September, Trump tweeted, “My lawyers want to sue the failing @nytimes so badly for irresponsible intent. I said no (for now), but they are watching. Really disgusting.”

While some have suggested that these statements are rhetorical, we take Trump at his word. His intent and his disregard for the constitutional free press principle are clear.

A Trump presidency would represent a threat to press freedom in the United States, but the consequences for the rights of journalists around the world could be far more serious. Any failure of the United States to uphold its own standards emboldens dictators and despots to restrict the media in their own countries. This appears to be of no concern to Trump, who indicated that he has no inclination to challenge governments on press freedom and the treatment of journalists.

When MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough asked him in December if his admiration of Russian President Vladimir Putin was at all tempered by the country’s history of critical journalists being murdered, his response was: “He’s running his country, and at least he’s a leader, unlike what we have in this country… Well, I think that our country does plenty of killing, too.”

Through his words and actions, Trump has consistently demonstrated a contempt for the role of the press beyond offering publicity to him and advancing his interests.

For this reason CPJ is taking the unprecedented step of speaking out now. This is not about picking sides in an election. This is recognizing that a Trump presidency represents a threat to press freedom unknown in modern history.

Looking at the board of directors who came up with this statement, it’s actually the same exact Jews from the same Jew publications people are angry at for compulsively lying to steal the election.


Here is a list of the CPJ’s high command with prompts next to their name. Again , you see the exact same demographics as with every other organization promoting and protecting Judeo-Globalist plutocracy: a group of Jews with easy to control careerist white women as fronts :

Sandra Mims Rowe

Vice Chair
Kathleen Carroll
The Associated Press

Executive Director
Joel Simon  [Jew]

Stephen J. Adler [Jew]

Franz Allina  [Jew]

Rajiv Chandrasekaran

Susan Chira  [Jew]
The New York Times

Sheila Coronel
Graduate School of Journalism, Columbia University

Josh Friedman  [Jew]
Carey Institute for Global Good

Anne Garrels  [Probable Jew, but no information]

Cheryl Gould [Jew]

Charlayne Hunter-Gault

Jonathan Klein  [Jew]
Getty Images

Jane Kramer [Jew]
The New Yorker

Mhamed Krichen

Isaac Lee [Jew]
Fusion, Univision News

Lara Logan
CBS News

Rebecca MacKinnon

Kati Marton [“raised a Roman Catholic”, but stresses she is a racial Jew]

Michael Massing [Jew]

Geraldine Fabrikant Metz  [Jew]
The New York Times

Victor Navasky [Jew]
The Nation

Clarence Page
Chicago Tribune

Ahmed Rashid

David Remnick [Jew]
The New Yorker

Alan Rusbridger [Jew]
Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford

David Schlesinger [Jew]

Jacob Weisberg [Jew]
The Slate Group

Jon Williams
ABC News

Matthew Winkler [Jew]
Bloomberg News

Jews, 2% of the population, make up 60% (18 of 30) of the “committee to protect journalists”, and that’s a conservative estimate! 

This attack on Trump isn’t about freedom of the press or the rights of journalists, it’s about protecting the Jewish dominion over the mainstream media from those who are questioning it.

Jews in the press are furious at the fact that the people aren’t listening to them anymore, and they blame Donald Trump for this. The Jewish tribal agenda supersedes any claims to universalist principles, which is why they are saying nothing about Clinton and the Democratic party calling for the extra-legal murder of journalists that are hurting their campaign, while Trump simply fighting back against press smears is “dangerous”.

They can keep it up, but nobody’s listening to them anymore. Add CPJ to the list of Jewish front groups whose mask has slipped off during the 2016 Presidential race.


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