Commie Mayors Lobbying White House and Congress for Federal Child Allowance System

In 2018, we all joked about the presidential candidate Andrew Yang’s plan to give everyone $1000 a month and how that kind of voter bribery was better than anything other politicians were offering. However, since then, I’ve seen shill “right-wingers” on social media, in particular neo-Nazis, argue unironically in favor of a UBI system.

It shouldn’t take long to grasp why UBI is a poisonous concept. Firstly, you’re not a child, you’re a grown man, and begging the government for allowance money is humiliating and shameful. You will never be able to maintain any kind of dignity in this situation.

In much more practical terms, however, the government providing you with an allowance would mean that the government is your daddy and the government makes the rules. When you’re a child and your father gives you an allowance, he can withhold your allowance if you’ve been a bad boy. In the context of the government giving you money, they will be able to withhold it if you haven’t gotten your vaxx, or if you’ve said something naughty on the internet.


By triggering $1,400 stimulus checks for millions of people and expanding the child tax credit for many families, the pandemic offered a clear takeaway for some officials: That putting tax dollars in people’s pockets is achievable and can be a lifeline to those struggling to get by.

Now a growing number of mayors and other leaders say they want to determine for sure whether programs like these are the best way to reduce poverty, lessen inequality and get people working.

In experiments across the country, dozens of cities and counties — some using money from the $1.9 trillion COVID relief package approved in March — and the state of California are giving some low-income residents a guaranteed income of $500 to $1,000 each month to do with as they please, and tracking what happens. A coalition known as Mayors for a Guaranteed Income plans to use the data — collected alongside a University of Pennsylvania-based research center — to lobby the White House and Congress for a federal guaranteed income or, for starters, to make the new $300 per month child tax credit that’s set to expire after this year permanent.

The surge in interest in these so-called free money pilot programs shows how quickly the concept of just handing out cash, no strings attached, has shifted from far-fetched idea to serious policy proposal, even as critics blast the programs as unaffordable or discouraging people from going to work. Supporters say it’s all due to COVID-19, which cost millions of people their jobs and prompted the federal government under both Presidents Donald Trump and Joe Biden to cut checks to rescue the economy — relief that was hugely popular politically.

The pandemic showed us what is possible,” said Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, whose latest budget included a $24 million guaranteed income program to give 2,000 poor families $1,000 per month. “We’re now going to be a pretty potent lobby to get the child tax credit permanent.”

Mayors for a Guaranteed Income started with 11 founding mayors and now has more than 50.

The goal of the coronavirus hoax was to destroy independent livelihoods and make it so you cannot provide for yourself, thereby making you dependent on the government.

Obviously, if that’s already happened to you, and you are getting money from the government, I don’t advise you to refuse it presently in order to prove a point. Take what you can get from this system that has taken so much from you. I’m also fully aware that it is infuriating that the Republicans supported all of these shutdowns in the name of this stupid fake virus and are now going out there and telling people that it’s not the government’s responsibility to help people destroyed by lockdown measures implemented by the government.

More broadly, the entire current order, even before the coronavirus hoax, was designed to keep people struggling to get by. It is simply unfathomable that at our current level of technology, people are struggling more to maintain a normal life then they did in the 1950s. The government’s manipulation of the value of the currency, along with the favoring of mega corporations like Walmart and then Amazon over small businesses and a mass third world immigration program, has crippled the population.

But understand that this is all part of the plan, and understand that this UBI system is intended to be conditional. The people who created this situation do not want to fix it.

They are setting up a psychotronic control grid with vaxx pass and tracking grid. This system is going to be linked not just to your vaxx history and larger medical history, but to your entire personal profile. Eventually, the same smartphone app system that tracks and traces your every movement and tells you when to come in for your latest booster shot is also going to dole out your allowance money, which will be issued in the form of digital credits.

Obviously, all of this is eventually going to be linked to a computer chip implanted in your hand. That will allow you to “move freely” if you’re vaxxed up, and allow you to pay for your bug gruel and gay discos by swiping your hand.

Bill Gates has patented a microchip – patent number 060606 – which allows people to earn credits for accomplishing tasks. This will turn reality into a kind of video game system, where your behavior is being monitored by the system and they encourage certain behaviors by automatically sending you credits.

None of this is something that is being thought of on the fly. There was a planned agenda long before you ever heard the word “coronavirus,” and that agenda is being implemented. Making people dependent on government handouts in order to survive was a big part of this plan.