Commie Cunt Sea Watch Captain is Suing Salvini for Calling Her Mean Names!

Daily Stormer
July 6, 2019

Western wahmen are a bioweapon aimed at the heart of White civilization.

They are now, as a group, committed to doing everything in their power to ruin our lives and destroy the futures of our children. Any mercy, any reprieve, anything except having the firmest of pimp hands will only be seen as weakness.

Take this ugly sea captain chick:

Carola Rackete was arrested for breaking the law and delivering a pack of feral niggers and sandniggers to Italy on her boat, despite –  or rather in spite of – Salvini’s new immigration measures.

After being released, she took it as a sign of weakness and decided to double down on her anti-White hatred, launching a lawsuit on daddy’s dime.

Teller Report:

A lawyer of the German captain has announced a defamation suit against the Italian Minister of the Interior. Salvini repeatedly insulted Rackete.

The captain of the German aid organization Sea-Watch Carola Rackete wants to sue Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini for defamation. “We have already prepared a lawsuit against Minister Salvini,” said Alessandro Gamberini, one of her lawyers, on Italian radio. It was “not easy to grasp all the insults that Mr. Salvini has expressed in recent weeks.”

Salvini had recently attacked the German captain again and again. He described her among other things as a nuisance, “criminal captain” and accused Rackete, she had tried to kill five Italian soldiers.

Salvini was unimpressed by the announcement of a defamation lawsuit. “She violates the law and attacks Italian military ships, and then she sued me,” he wrote in online networks. “I’m not afraid of the mafia, so imagine a rich German and spoiled communist … kisses.

Carola has, in fact, referred to herself as a “spoiled German” before.

So why is she suing Salvini for defamation?