COME AT ME BRO: Putin Introduces Nukes Capable of Hitting Any City in the World, Tells ZOG to Pop Off

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 1, 2018

“We in Russia all the time, nigga. Don’t act like you don’t know where we be.”

One thing about Vladimir Putin that the Jews have continued to fail to recognize is that he is not playing a game and he does not fuck around.

He just announced a new nuclear arsenal capable of busting all of the ZOG systems.


Russia has developed a number of advanced weapons systems, including a nuclear-powered cruise missile, which make all US capabilities aimed at undermining the Russian nuclear deterrent obsolete, President Vladimir Putin announced.

The latest advances in Russian strategic deterrence have made America’s anti-missile systems obsolete, so Washington should stop trying to diminish Russia’s security and start talking to Moscow as an equal partner, not the dominant military power it seeks to be, Putin said.

The Russian leader made the comments during his state of the nation address on Wednesday. While the first part of the address was a straightforward description of domestic goals and achievements, the second became a defiant challenge to the US. Putin announced that Russia has successfully developed several new weapons systems, which basically negate American anti-ballistic missile capabilities.

The Russian president accused the US of arrogance, saying that it thought that Russia would not be able to recover anytime soon after the collapse of the Soviet Union and that its interests can simply be ignored. One particular move – the withdrawal by George W Bush from the Anti-ballistic Missile Treaty (ABM) in 2002 – resulted in Russia being increasingly surrounded by American assets, which undermined the country’s nuclear deterrence.

“In the end, if we did nothing, this would render the Russian nuclear potential worthless,” Putin said. “They could simply intercept all of it.”

Without a nuclear deterrent, Russia would be exposed to US military pressure and would not be able to pursue a sovereign policy, Putin said. The president warned as early as in 2004 that Russia would not sit idle and that it would respond to this threat by developing new weapons systems.

This is a huge deal. It changes the entire world order.

The US Jew media is flipping out.

They’re being more direct about the nature of these weapons, right up front.

Washington Post:

Standing in front of an enormous backdrop depicting an outline of his nation’s boundaries — Crimea jutting out at the far left — Russian President Vladimir Putin gave his annual state of the nation address on Thursday. In the tradition of Steve Jobs’s old Apple keynotes, Putin saved the major hardware announcements for the end.

The Russian military, he said, had developed a number of significant new military systems. One was a nuclear-powered drone submarine that could be deployed to initiate nuclear strikes around the world. Another was a new form of hypersonic missile that is much harder to detect by defense systems. Those missiles, too, could be armed with nuclear warheads.

Most remarkably, Putin announced a new form of nuclear-powered cruise missile that also could initiate a nuclear strike. The advantage of using nuclear power for the missile is simple: Its range would be extended significantly. And that extension is central to the geopolitics behind Putin’s announcements.

Apparently, they had no idea he was going to announce this. If I was the US intelligence services, I would have told the media beforehand to try and soften the blow. It also would have ruined the announcement in Russia.

Unless… unless the US intelligence services didn’t even know he was going to announce this. Didn’t even know they were developed at all.

And that my friends does appear to be what happened here. And developing weapons like this in total secrecy is a bigger achievement than the development of the weapons themselves. This is the information age, and information is more powerful than a nuclear-powered ICBM.


Russia is Your Friend

I am an American Nationalist, and I support the interests of my country above the interests of all other countries. However, the people that control my country do not have the interests of my country in mind. They are working for the interests of another country.

These people are trying to use our country to overtake the most natural ally of the American people, which is Russia.

The US and Russia being allies is the most obvious thing in the world. All of the interests of the people of our two countries overlap. There is no serious racial, religious or cultural difference between us. We should be allied.

But we are not, because America is run by Jews.

As America loses prominence on the global stage, the Jews who control it lose power, and this creates possibilities for the people of this country to retake control.

Just as an example of how that works: the fact that Russia now has the ability to nuke any city in America, just like we have the ability to nuke any city in Russia, now means that Donald Trump has more than enough of a pretext to stand up against the kikes who are trying to thwart him and fulfill his promise to WE, THE PEOPLE to be FRIENDS with Russia.

Furthermore, as I always tell the retards talking about having a violent revolution in America, there are only three ways right-wing regimes are established:

  1. Electoral politics
  2. A military coup
  3. An invasion by a foreign power

And this sort of brings us to a point of realizing that #3 is within the realm of possibility.

And it also, you know – makes WWIII a helluva lot less likely.

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