Comcast Jew David Cohen Holds Major Fundraising Event for Anti-Fascist Nazi-Fighter Joe Biden

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
April 28, 2019

The Jewish Comcast executive David Cohen looks like a literal figure from a Der Sturmer political cartoon. And he’s just one of several Jews helping fund Joe Biden’s presidential campaign.

If there was any doubt about Joe Biden being a puppet of the Jews, this story should put that to rest. The first thing he did after announcing that he was running for the presidency was go to the home of a high level Jewish Comcast executive named David Cohen for a fundraising event.

The Inquirer:

Former Vice President Joe Biden said at a Philadelphia fund-raiser Thursday that the country’s moral fabric was being “shredded” by President Donald Trump, and declared he would work as president to “restore the American creed.”

“We have to start choosing truth over lies, hope over fear,” Biden said at a fund-raiser attended by about 150 people at the West Mount Airy home of David L. Cohen, senior executive vice president of Comcast Corp. and a former Democratic operative, and his wife, Rhonda.

The fund-raiser capped Biden’s first official day as a presidential candidate, following the release of a morning video announcing his candidacy and a swing through his hometown of Wilmington. Biden is scheduled to head to Pittsburgh on Monday.

Speaking for about 15 minutes on the Cohens’ back patio to a crowd of elected officials, lawyers, corporate executives, and others, Biden lamented what he described as Trump’s “constant attack[s] on the courts, the press, even the Congress.”

There was quite the cast of characters present.

The Hollywood Jew Jeffrey Katzenberg has also pledged his support for Biden.

Katzenberg will apparently be involved in hosting a separate fundraising event for him in Los Angeles next month.

The Hollywood Jew Jeffrey Katzenberg is also helping to bankroll Biden’s presidential campaign.

The progressive left is not being fooled by Biden though. They’re actively calling him out as a whore for powerful corporate interests. And as we know, corporate interests are basically synonymous with Jewish interests.

Jimmy Dore put out a video showing old footage of Biden as a young politician describing how he initially tried but failed to prostitute himself to donors. They just thought he was too young at the time so he was forced to settle for smaller donations early on in his political career.

What this shows is that Biden’s entire political career has been built off of him prostituting himself to wealthy donors.

And this is what made Biden’s presidential announcement video so confusing and bizarre. He presented himself as an antifa sympathizer who would defeat the Neo-Nazi Donald Trump because Trump said there were “fine people” at Charlottesville. All to help preserve the idea of America as envisioned by Thomas Jefferson (???).

Talk about some conflicting messages.

This seems to be his way of trying to pander to the progressive left even though his alleged political appeal was being the supposed centrist candidate that could take votes away from Trump in the general election. And ultimately, nobody on the progressive left is buying this sales pitch. He’s got decades of baggage and they are being turned off by the strange and inauthentic messaging.

Ultimately though, Biden is just a puppet of powerful Jewish interests. It’s going to be difficult for him to win the Democrat primaries when it is so blatantly obvious that he’s nothing but a puppet for Jews and other elite interests. Progressives certainly aren’t going to support him. But who knows, maybe the Democrat Party will just rig the election for him like they did for Hillary Clinton in 2016. It is not beyond the realm of possibilities.