Columbus Statue Torn Down in Virginia, UK Labour Councils Draw Hit List of Statues to Destroy

Innocent statues are being genocided out of pure hatred for the socially and morally accepted practices of their time, but you’re supposed to be tolerant, welcoming, and accepting of diversity and other (nonwhite) cultures.

But who is going to be tolerant, welcoming, and accepting of white culture if not whites themselves?

Daily Mail:

A Christopher Columbus statue was torn down and thrown in a lake in Richmond last night in the latest protest to target a symbol of racial oppression.

The sculpture was brought down less than two hours after protesters in Virginia’s capital gathered in the city’s Byrd Park and chanted for the statue to go.

Protesters pulled the monument down with ropes, set it on fire and rolled it into a lake in the park to cheers from the assembled crowd.

The empty pedestal was spray-painted and covered with a sign saying ‘Columbus Represents Genocide’ after the statue was taken down.

Columbus’s arrival in the Americas in 1492 unleashed centuries of European colonisation, making him a symbol of conquest and violence to Native Americans.

Activist Chelsea Higgs-Wise was among the protesters who spoke to a crowd in Byrd Park about the struggles of indigenous people and African-Americans.

‘We have to start where it all began,’ Higgs-Wise said during her speech. ‘We have to start with the people who stood first on this land.’

Yes, they have to start somewhere. Then they’re going to move onto their next target: you.

This is shaping up to be a Western phenomenon.

Daily Mail:

All of Labour’s 130 councils have said they are listening to the demands of Black Lives Matter protesters by drawing up a list of controversial statues in their communities which could be ripped down.

Dozens of memorials honouring colonial figures have been targeted for removal by activists, who yesterday crossed another name off their nationwide hit-list.

The monument of 18th Century slave dealer Robert Milligan was uprooted from its spot on West India Quay in London’s docklands to the cheers of spectators.

Many more metal men in the cross-hairs are expected to fall after all 130 Labour-led authorities  in England, Wales and Scotland have come together to promise to ‘review the appropriateness of local monuments and statues on public land and council property’.

Several local leaders have already earmarked some statues for removal. Cardiff Council leader Huw Thomas threw his weight behind campaigners wanting to get rid of the statue of slave holder Sir Thomas Picton.

Edinburgh council leader Adam McVey said he would feel ‘no sense of loss’ if a statue to Henry Dundas, who delayed the abolition of slavery, was removed.

Plymouth council said a public square named after slave trader Sir John Hawkins would be renamed. Mayor or London Sadiq Khan is also conducting his own review of statues in the capital.

The 130 Labour councils won the blessing of Sir Keir Starmer’s central party, but senior Tories have lined up to admonish the behaviour.

History is being destroyed. Memories are being thrown into oblivion.

If white people hate themselves, why should everyone else not hate them too?