Columbus, Ohio: Family Flying Confederate Flag Stabbed and Shot During Home Invasion

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 2, 2015

Blacks targeted the home out of race hate.
Blacks clearly targeted the home out of race hate.

In Columbus, Ohio last month, Blacks broke into the home of a family flying a confederate flag and shot and stabbed members of the family living there.

Though media rhetoric about the flag has led to a seemingly endless stream of attacks against Whites who fly it, this is one of the most brutal we’ve seen yet.

Here’s a report on the incident from NBC4i:

According to the Columbus Division of Police, at about 3:29 a.m. Friday, officers were called to a residence in the 3800 block of Scales Drive on the report of a shooting.

Police said two men, 36-year-old Clement Dwight Cooper and 32-year-old Michael Antonio Long had been burglarizing the home when they were surprised by the residents returning home from work.

One of the residents, Tim Bowls said he saw a shadow on the basement steps, thinking it was his brother, but it wasn’t.

Pointed a gun at him and told him to lay down, then proceeded to beat him with the gun, stabbed him several times and tied him up with an orange extension cord,” said his Aunt Kim. She asked NBC4 not to use her last name.

While the two suspects were attacking Bowls his father, mother and brother also came home from work.

“One of them pointed a shotgun up at them and big Tim started wrestling him for the gun so they shot him and then all hell broke loose,” said Kim.

She said six people were fighting in the stairwell and basement, when the mother was shot at close range.

Jill was shot in the face and neck,” she said.

The Aunt said the family was afraid for about girls sleeping upstairs.

There were two girls and three small children asleep upstairs they could have killed them.

They heard the gunshots and call 9-1-1.

“They shot my mother, please, please someone,” said one of the girls.

Columbus police said five family members were injured and taken to two hospitals. Investigators said they found one of the suspects, Cooper dead in the basement.

At least they got one of them.

Michael Long made it out alive, but was arrested.
Michael Long made it out alive, but was arrested.

What is interesting here is that NBC4i does not even bother to mention in their report the fact that the home was clearly targeted for this brutal attack because of the Confederate flag flying out front, making it a racial hate crime.

This report was done on July 17th – two weeks later, this same station would accuse this writer, Andrew Anglin, of being personally responsible (they literally used the word “responsible”) for the Charleston shooting because of something I wrote on the internet.

They also visited the home of my mother in an attempt to intimidate me and her, showing footage of her house on TV.

I wonder why NBC4i did not accuse Obama of being responsible for this attack, given that he has used such vile language against White people and the Confederate flag?

And I wonder what websites Clement Cooper and Michael Long visited before the attack? Why has NBC4i not found this information, and visited the homes of the mothers of the people who run these websites, whatever they may be?

Given that I know that NBC4i is not an anti-White terrorist organization, but a news station which terrorizes all races equally, I have to assume that Duane Pohlman will soon be figuring out what websites these Blacks visited, and hunting down the mothers of whoever runs them, then showing their homes on TV as a form of terrorist intimidation.