Colorism: Will Smith Isn’t Black Enough to Play a Blacker Guy in a Movie

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 6, 2019

I’ve said that eventually, every person on earth who is not a Australian Abo – the lowest form of humanoid life in existence, with an average IQ of 60 – is going to be considered an oppressor.

Because the agenda is that everyone who has any sort of ability above that of another person is oppressing those below them, and so we’re in a race to the bottom. Although somehow, when we replace all of the blacks with Abos, the Abos will still be oppressing Jews.

And they’ve already started with saying that fully black people are oppressing black people with darker skin.


Will Smith has been slated to play the role of Richard Williams, the father and first coach of tennis sisters Venus and Serena Williams, but his casting has sparked controversy, as some purists say his skin is “not black enough.”

‘King Richard’ will tell the rags-to-riches story of Williams, who began training his daughters in tennis from an early age to see them become two of the most successful players in history.

But the fact that Williams happens to have a darker skin tone than Smith has broken political correctness rules in Hollywood and online, where a certain cohort who appear to be permanently offended by one thing or another, are complaining that Smith is the wrong shade of black. Yes, really.

I think he is going to pull-out over this.

A Twitter justice mob can make anyone do anything (except they can’t do anything to Jews for some reason).

Will Smith is not a mulatto. Both his parents are black.

Most black Americans are about 12% white, because those slave bitches were seducing their masters with booty dances when the poor bastards were drunk so they could later use it as blackmail to get special privileges.

But I’ll tell you this – Will Smith is a lot blacker than Richard Williams’ granddaughter.