Colored Gentleman Responds to Twitter Purge of Pro-White Figures

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 18, 2016

Here is the intelligent colored gentleman Anthony Brian Logan commenting on the recent purge of pro-White figures from Twitter.

One of the most difficult identities on the planet must be that of a Black person with a normal IQ.

I feel bad for this guy.

Because seriously, what is he supposed to do?

I can be like “yeah, cool guy, I sure wish all Black people were like that,” but the fact remains that all Black people aren’t like that – I have no idea what the percentage is, but it’s less than one in a thousand (as far as this guy goes, it’s probably closer to 1 in 100,000) – and so I’m not going to be like “well, I guess Black people are okay because of this one guy I found.”

And then he has to deal with his own people – wow, that must be super-frustrating.

I guess in an ideal situation, you would have these types of Blacks promoted as the leaders of Blacks, which would encourage them to take actual responsibility for their own lives, rather than blaming their problems on Whites, which they are encouraged to do by the current Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton/Deray Black establishment.

We already know that Black people will literally believe anything you tell them to believe. We have the accounts of former slaves, who viewed their masters as exceedingly benevolent. I have published them.


We used to get along okay.

If you removed the the subversive “blame whitey” element from the prominent positions in Black society, and replaced them with guys like Anthony Brian Logan, maybe you sort of get things to make sense in the Black American community.

I don’t know. It could be too late.

What I do know is that though things are going in our direction in a very big way at this time in history – we’re on the verge of removing huge portions of the Mexican and Moslem (etc.) populations, and blocking more from coming in – we’re still a long way off from sending Black Americans back to Africa. And surely, putting people like this gentleman in leadership positions in their community would make the situation a whole lot better than it is now.

You would still have much higher rates of criminality among the Black population – that is just a biological thing that isn’t going away (at least not without a dozens of generations long eugenics program). But if you didn’t have a mass media agenda to actively encourage them to commit crimes, and you cleaned the drugs out of their communities, I think – real talk, here – you could reduce violent crime committed by Blacks by 70-80% inside a decade.

And if you rollback Obama’s changes to laws regarding drug-dealing, and increased policing drastically, you could get that remaining 20-30% off the street.

You could also use people like Anthony Brian Logan to instill in them a sense of racial pride, and shame them for going after White women. If we shame our own women for the same, that would reduce miscegenation to severe outliers (mainly huge fat women).

The Blacks have demonstrated such a desire for self-segregation that you wouldn’t even have to bring back Jim Crow, you would just have to eliminate the forced-integration programs, and they would remain mostly in their own neighborhoods.

This wouldn’t be the ideal situation, of course. The ideal situation would obviously be to send them back. Because no matter what, they’re going to be an economic burden. Since the invention of mechanized farm equipment, they really haven’t had a useful economic role. Ongoing automation of manual labor has continued to cut down on any real economic role they could fill. However, while they’re never going to be working in Silicon Valley, a good portion of them are capable of learning trades, such as air-conditioning repair or masonry.


These are jobs we’re not going to be bringing back.

The encouraging part is that it has been proved possible for Whites and Blacks to live symbolically. We saw it in the US during slavery and Jim Crow and we saw it in South Africa during apartheid. Both of these balances were disrupted not by the Blacks themselves, but by Jews.

It seems that they are the only race that will not attempt an organized take-over of White society if they are allowed to live alongside it. Mexicans and Moslems will both attempt this. In a completely different way, East Asians will also seize control of a society where they live alongside Whites, as we’ve seen in Hong Kong and Singapore, as well as in former colonies such as the Philippines and Indonesia (although to be fair, they won’t try to exterminate, enslave or purge Whites after they take control in the way that the other races will).

And if we were to establish some kind of peaceful co-existence with the Blacks, that could serve as a step toward total separation in the future.

Bottom line is this: Along with working to eliminate drugs and strengthening the police, I am recommending that Donald Trump begin working with colored gentlemen like Anthony Brian Logan, getting them into positions of influence within the Black community.

This would be a YUGE step in the right direction – for both of our peoples.