Colored Fella Pleads Guilty to Murdering Three Whites Near Abandoned Strip Mine

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
January 8, 2020

Lance Ward.

Wait a minute, aren’t all maniacs who murder people in remote locations supposed to be white men?

Makes you wonder what else Hollywood is lying about…


A West Virginia man plead guilty to three murders in Kentucky according to Martin County court officials.

Lance Ward plead guilty to murdering Derek James, 26, Amber Lockard, 31, and Micah Sammons, 20 in 2018.

According to state police, the three were found shot near an abandoned strip mine near the Pike-Martin county line in March.

Lockard’s car was later found in West Virginia.

Investigators say the evidence found in Lockard’s car led to the charges against Ward.

Prosecutors planned to seek the death penalty.

Left to right: Micah Sammons, Derek James and Amber Lockard.