Colorado: Sixty-Five Small Businesses Sign Pact to Defy Lockdown!

Organizing anti-lockdown rallies is banned on the internet, so instead of having a national movement, we just have little things popping up here and there. Obviously, if we were allowed to organize resistance on social media, we’d have a massive national movement.

But also obviously: if right-wingers like Andrew Anglin weren’t so heavily censored years ago, the coronavirus hoax never would have been possible. Silencing people who tell the truth was a necessary prerequisite to doing what they are doing now.

But it’s nice to see locals organizing. Maybe something will come of it.

Colorado has the correct model, which is many businesses standing together to resist the tyranny.

CBS Denver:

More than 65 Loveland-based companies have signed a pact to stay open for business as Larimer County moves to Level Red restrictions. Level Red on the state’s COVID-19 dial is one step away from Level Purple, a complete shutdown, and restricts restaurants from having any indoor dining or guests.

The businesses that joined the agreement believed the county and state are imposing restrictions which are unfair and unnecessary to small businesses.

“We are not going to shut down,” said Clay Caldwell, owner of Betta Gumbo in downtown Loveland.

“It is about fairness,” Caldwell told CBS4’s Dillon Thomas. “Each of these businesses have families that they require to make money so they can live, and they have every right to that.”

Caldwell, speaking on behalf of the growing list of companies agreeing to defy Level Red enforcement, said he believed big box stores were unfairly being allowed to move forward with operations while small companies with more direct oversight of guest safety are being chastised.

“Here in restaurants and bars, and small businesses across Loveland, we are being penalized and coming under a verdict which was unjust. That pisses me off,” Caldwell said. “If we get any more sanitized in here, I could start doing surgery and make a hell of a lot more money.”

“I will not let my staff go hungry, or without a roof over their head for Christmas. They have a right to survive,”Caldwell said.“I’m here to say ‘Don’t tread on me.’ I am going to survive. My people will prosper. Our community will grow stronger. And, this will happen because we all have a portion to do.”

It’s funny that people can’t just come out and say “this is clearly a conspiracy to transfer wealth from the middle class to massive corporations.” It’s so obvious, and I think everyone kinda gets it.

But basically, huge numbers of conservatives have been brainwashed by libertarian mumbo-jumbo into believing that “American freedom” means that you can’t question a multinational corporation.

Meanwhile, Adam Smith said that monopolies are the single biggest threat to capitalism, and it is the government’s job to limit monopolies.

Of course, if there was an organized national movement, they could manage the narrative and make it coherent.

But hey – can’t have a national movement.

They got us all on the internet by giving us free speech, then they took free speech away, and all of the other communication networks – newsletters and so on – were gone, because people thought they didn’t need them anymore.

No people has ever had their speech more restricted than Americans in 2020. They did not face this level of suppression in the USSR, and they don’t face anything even close to this in modern China, which we are being told we have to go to war with so they can have freedom.

I just want to go ahead and publish the full list of businesses that are resisting – God bless them all. 

Bob Shaffer: Rock Coast Brewery
Kerry Drake: Drätz Brewing Company
Julie Shaffer: AKA Kitchen
Christian Jorgensen: Jorgensen Laboratories, Inc.
Ashly Tugmon: Blue Mesa Salon and Boutique
Mark Sommers: Berthoud Brewing Co
Cody Bays: Northern Colorado Marine
Clay Caldwell: Betta Gumbo
Robin Frahm: Rock Coast Brewery
Kim Ellis: Ellis Ranch Event Center
Rick Frahm: Rock Coast Brewery
Geoffery Frahm: The Group Inc Real Estate
Shane McWatters: Sweetheart City Racing
Jay Watterson: Loveland Athletic Club
Ryann Carlson: reDefine Fit
Christen French: Wicked Tequila Room
Dave Orr: Dave Orr Insurance Agency Inc.
Duane Higgins/Dave Currie: Big Beaver Brewing Company LTD
Mike Severance: Cactus Grille
Jeanine Cardot: Mortgage loan officer
Derek Krasuski: Northern Colorado Carpets
Thadeus Krehbiel: Krow Hill Digital LLC
Kristi Dressler: Loveland & South Lifestyle
Kristen Edmunds: American Dream Property Solutions
Randy Isaac: Catalyst Inspections
Don Chapman: Grimm Brothers Brewhouse
Christi Sullivan: Loveland Yoga & Core Fitness
Mike Severance: Cactus Grille
Tracie Hartman: Fresh Plate Catering
Shawna White: Big Thompson CrossFit
Cliff White: Big Thompson CrossFit
Jacob Fellure: Jacob Fellure Agency
Melanie Lewis: Hands Down Massage
Shaun Adams: Adams Chiropractic and Wellness
Dave Hazen: Catch-All Mini Storage
Roxie Ellis: Ellis Ranch Event Center & Wedding Park
Terry Ellis: Ellis Ranch Event Center & Wedding Park
Kerri Reiger-Cole: Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
Barry Gustafson: Advantage Insurance
Jennifer Lunt: The Beauty Lounge Salon & Boutique
Krystal Thomas: Nu-Reflections Medspa
Mark E Wright: Self
Geoffery Frahm: The Group Inc Real Estate
Jon-Mark C. Patterson: Jon-Mark C. Patterson PC
Abe Pilato: Grimm Brothers Brewhouse
William Svoboda: Edgetronix, LLC
Evan Mann: Wooden Mountain Bouldering Gym
Rick Baumann: R & D Enterprises
Kaits Cleaning LLC
CNC Remoldeing: Carlos Delval
Armando Carrion: Ace of Trades
Premier Gymnastics
Wendy Backel: Wendy’s Way Cleaning
All Restart Services
Mark Baer: SCR Performance
AquaTerra LTD
Taylor Baker: Tab Enterprises
Start to Finish Construction
Colorado Earth Works
Axe to Grind
Dennis Callahan: Callahan Electric
Empire Painting LLC
Mountain Edge Curbing
Scott J and B Mini Storage
Kathy Weiner: Weimer Construction, LLC
Stacy Tamlin: Aqua Bay Tans
Fadil Astafaj: CJ’s Patio Grill
Senor Rafaels at the Mexican Inn
Mike McCarty: Loveland Chophouse
Chad and Sue Miller: McGraffs American Grill