Colorado: Police Arrest a Bunch of Little Black Sambos for No Reason

“Sure, the cops are totally out of control child abusers, but we have to give them total control over everything because of a virus.” -The Liberals


Colorado’s Aurora Police Department has opened an internal investigation after several children were handcuffed at gunpoint during a weekend traffic stop.

The Aurora Police Department said officers detained a family, a driver and multiple children, after a vehicle was mistakenly identified as stolen Sunday morning.

Brittney Gilliam, who identified herself as the driver, said she had taken her nieces, younger sister and daughter to get their nails done, and when they realized the salon was closed, they got back in their car. That’s when she said police surrounded their car with guns drawn.

Jennifer Wurtz witnessed the incident.

“I saw a car next to me with four girls in it. Feet were up on the dash it was real cute. And next thing I know the police pull up silently behind them and had guns drawn on the children,” she says.

Wurtz started recording on her phone when the police handcuffed the kids and put them face down on the ground.

“That’s police brutality. I don’t give a damn what nobody say. That’s police brutality,” she says.

Aurora Police said a motorcycle with the same license plate number from a different state was actually the vehicle reported stolen on Sunday morning.

I don’t even care about this story, but it shows that the cops are stupid and belligerent.

I don’t think we should be giving these people the ability to control our every move.

Like, by telling them they’re allowed to arrest anyone who isn’t wearing a mask.

Fox 5:

The City of Houston will begin issuing citations to people who are not wearing a mask.

Mayor Sylvester Turner made the announcement on Monday afternoon.

“For months, we have focused on education and not citations. But now, I am instructing the Houston Police Department to issue necessary warnings and citations to anyone not wearing a mask in public if they do not meet the criteria for an exemption,” Mayor Turner said.

Houston police officers will be issuing the warnings and citations to anyone not wearing a face-covering in public, as outlined in Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s statewide mandatory mask order.

The citation comes with a $250 fine.

Only those meeting the right criteria will be exempt.

“Lives are at stake, so I am taking this step to save lives and slow the virus from spreading in the month of August,” Turner wrote in a tweet.

Instead, we should have freedom, in my view.

I think freedom is better than this total oppression thing we’ve got going on these days.