Colorado: Mile Long TRUMP Sign for the Aliens

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 27, 2017

Good news.

Great news, in fact.


If you fly in or out of Denver soon, you might spot what we’re pretty sure is the state’s largest political sign.

Frustrated at some of the negativity coming from opponents of President Donald Trump, rancher Doug Koehn hopped on his plow and carved the word “TRUMP” in big block letters into his field.

“The letters are 800 feet wide and approximately 800 feet long,” Koehn said. “A mile-long Trump.”

You can’t really read it from ground level. The first time Koehn saw the whole thing in one frame was when 9NEWS showed up with a drone to see it.

“It looks really nice,” Koehn said while staring at the drone’s video feed, joking that he was relieved he didn’t make a spelling error.

Some farmers have equipment that can be programmed to use GPS systems to precisely plow a field. This effort was decidedly low-tech by comparison.

“I have an old tractor, it don’t do that,” Koehn said. “My son come out and stepped it off and I just drove the tractor to wherever he was standing.”

Koehn says he’s never voted before last year’s election, when he was inspired to cast a ballot for Trump. He tells 9NEWS he’s “embarrassed” that Colorado voted for Hillary Clinton last year and wanted to show that Trump has healthy support in Colorado’s rural Eastern plains.

He was also inspired by his previous experience flying in and out of Denver International Airport, which ranks as one of the 20 busiest airports in the world.

He’s been able to spot the house on his ranch land from the plane before and he hopes his sign will reach travelers with routes that run to the East of Denver.

More importantly, it will be seen by the aliens.

The filthy Christ-killing Jews are going to attempt to speak first with the aliens, to tell them about their stupid Holocaust hoax.

We need to cut the bastards off at the pass and let the space goyim know that our planet has a GOD EMPEROR by the name of TRUMP.

In the near future, Jews trying to kike over negotiations with aliens could become a major, major issue.

So it’s important we get this started out right.