Colorado: Lockdown Protesters Clash with Rude, Entitled Healthcare Workers

Why is this woman bothering people who want to work instead of working herself?

Health care workers want to be the only people working in America.

They are “essential workers” who are above the common folk, and won’t hesitate to stand in your way with their arms crossed and a repulsively entitled attitude.

They don’t want you to get aggressive though.

They just want you to understand that, unlike them, you’re not allowed to work.

Daily Mail:

Healthcare workers clashed with anti lockdown protesters in Colorado on Sunday, defiantly standing in front of the cars of demonstrators who flocked to the state Capitol in their hundreds to urge Gov. Jared Polis to lift COVID-19-induced stay-at-home orders.

Protests against state lockdowns implemented to combat the novel coronavirus outbreak continued nationwide this afternoon, as a fervent disdain for the restrictions that have shut down much of the country’s economy continues to slowly spread across the US.

Titled ‘Operation Gridlock’, the day’s largest demonstration took place in Denver, where hundreds of protesters ignored social distancing guidelines to huddle together on the lawn of the state Capitol, waving flags emblazoned with slogans such as ‘Your “health” does not supersede my right’, ‘Freedom over fear’, and ‘I would rather risk coronavirus than socialism’.

Mobilized by a number of groups on social media, the protesters called Gov. Polis a tyrant and insisted the ongoing economic cost of the shutdown was no longer worth the few lives it would save. But the protesters’ efforts weren’t met without resistance.

A group of healthcare workers stood in the street, clad in their scrubs and facemasks, to counter-protest the calls for re-opening, silently obstructing cars as they drove down towards the Capitol.

Photographs captured the nurses standing in front of a number of vehicles, staring back at the drivers with their arms crossed, refusing to move under a cacophony of horns and heckles.

One incensed protester stepped out from his SUV to confront a male healthcare worker. The driver was seen angrily approaching the nurse, ordering him to move out of the way, but the healthcare worker remained unmoved, opting simply to look in the other direction.

Imagine, these people get called heroes when all they do is promote this stupid hoax and keep decent people from being able to work.

These people are getting paid to dance around, because there is nothing to do at the hospital, because this “pandemic” is a hoax.

Meanwhile, we’re out there begging to go back to work – and no one is listening, because healthcare grifters told them not to listen.

Your rights don’t matter if someone’s life is in danger, no matter how small the danger.

Every danger, no matter how small, matters —  just like every life matters.

Ideally speaking, this means that people should stay locked up in some padded room and immobilized with a straight jacket while robots feed and clean them.

This will keep them away from the dangers of the outside world.

Or, alternatively, people should live in an induced coma, floating in tanks.

This way, we can keep people alive in a controlled environment as long as their bodies allow it, without outside dangers risking their lives.

‘Not all heroes wear capes,’ one Twitter user wrote in support of the healthcare workers.

Another wrote: ‘Colorado health care workers, who have been putting their lives on the line to save others, stand in the street in counter-protest. The selfishness and ignorance of today’s protest is peak privilege. #ThisIsAmerica’

What’s peak privilege is working and making money while wanting to prevent people from doing the same because you believe you’re some kind of hero.

Gov. Polis acknowledged last week that the current level of social distancing and other restrictions is not sustainable for the long term, but said any reopening would need to happen gradually, with some precautions in place for several months.

A spokesperson from Polis’ office said the governor respects citizens’ right to protest but that ‘those participating are only endangering themselves.’

Other similar demonstrations were held in Tennessee, Oregon, Illinois, California, Montana and Washington State earlier today.

Though the each of the protests were relatively small in size, they signify a growing sentiment among aggrieved workers across the US that the country must resume its economic activity sooner rather than later – albeit with measures in place to prevent a ‘second wave’ of coronavirus infections.

Heath experts and state governors across the country have continuously countered the cries for immediate reopenings, insisting that any premature return to normalcy would be disastrous, inevitably leading to soaring new numbers of infections and a subsequent sharp increase in deaths.

That is highly unlikely to happen.

Sweden has no lockdown and has seen less infections and less deaths than the United Kingdom, which has a lockdown.

The lockdown isn’t even proven to work and there are enough reasons to believe that it actually increases the likelihood of spreading disease.

People under 70 who do not already have a chronic disease have a statistically negligible chance of dying from this virus. Virtually all of the deaths are from very old people.

It’s basically the same as the flu.

There is really no reason why entire countries all around the world should be forcing their people to live like prisoners.