Colorado Cops Remain on Duty After Beating Up Old White Woman and Laughing About Breaking Her Arm

Right-wingers are mostly too stupid and primitive to ever question the cops, because the cops are always going to be viewed as a symbol of authority, and in a primitive right-winger’s mind, authority is always going to be associated with order.

When I say these right-wingers are “stupid and primitive,” I don’t mean that in a bad way. The same is certainly true for likely an even larger majority of left-wingers, who will always believe in communism. The thing is this: the majority of people are peasants, which is why they’re the majority.

However, this “Blue Lives Matter” thing really is insane, if you are able to take just one step back from the fact that your direct enemy is attacking these cops. If you take one step back and say: “well, I see that my enemy’s relationship with the cops is hostile, but what is my relationship with the cops?”, then you will find that your relationship with the cops is not good.

I’m sure there were good cops, maybe some remain, and so on. However, the fact is that there is no real honor in being a cop anymore. There wasn’t much before BLM, and after BLM, it must be a nightmare to be a cop. So the bulk of the people who are going to remain cops are people who either can’t get a job doing anything else or who are power hungry lunatics.

The kind of people who can’t get a job doing anything else are not going to stand up to power hungry lunatics. Furthermore, the cops are a fraternal organization, which is also involved heavily in physical violence, meaning that they build a collective identity, wherein they protect one another, like a military unit or a gang. This creates a mindset of “us against them,” with the “them” being “anyone who is not a cop.”

From everything we have seen over the last year with this virus hoax and BLM, the cops are not here to serve and protect. They are here to serve as goons for the system. There is no evidence that any significant number of cops take issue with this role. We do not even have rumors of cops taking issue with this role. There are not large quantities of “insider details” being posted on 4chan or anywhere.

The issue is this: no matter how bad this satanic Democrat system gets, the cops are going to continue enforcing it.

A recent story of what sounds like an entire department in Colorado beating up and torturing an old woman who was alleged to have accidentally walked out of Walmart with $13 worth of items in her bag should really drive home just how dire this situation is.

The initial video of the beating (up top) was bad enough, but we now have video of them laughing and joking about it.

Denver Post:

The Loveland police officers who violently arrested a 73-year-old woman with dementia last year laughed about the incident afterward and congratulated themselves about the arrest, video released Monday by the woman’s lawyer shows.

The aggressive arrest not only put Karen Garner in a hospital, but also drastically worsened her dementia symptoms, her family said in an interview Monday, speaking publicly for the first time. Garner barely communicates now. Her family placed her in an assisted living facility in August because they no longer believed she would be safe living alone.

“She hasn’t come back the way she was before,” her daughter-in-law Shannon Steward told The Denver Post. “It was too much.”

Video of the Loveland Police Department booking area the day of the incident shows the officers who made the arrest, Austin Hopp and Daria Jalali, re-watching body camera footage and laughing about it while Garner sat handcuffed to a bench in a nearby cell.

The officers fractured Garner’s arm and dislocated her shoulder during the arrest, her family said.

“Ready for the pop?” an officer identified by Garner’s lawyer as Hopp said to other officers while re-watching the footage together.

“What popped?” another officer asked.

“I think it was her shoulder,” Hopp responded.

In the video from the booking area, Hopp also can be heard saying, “I can’t believe I threw a 73-year-old on the ground.” After watching the footage of the arrest for several minutes, Jalali starts repeating “I hate this,” to which Hopp responds, “This is great” and “I love this.”

Here’s the video.

“Ready for the pop?” is at 48:26, and “this is great” and “I love this” are shortly after at 49:01.

This is assault, elder abuse, torture of the elderly, and extreme sadism – all having infected an entire police department.

The Cunt Patroller, “Daria Jalali,” is presumably some kind of Middle Easterner or mixed.

She was really loving that power.

But Austin Hopp, the brutal attacker whose bodycam footage it is, is a normal white person. He’s seen here fist-bumping Jalali, who is very fat, while they watch the bodycam together.

He is just as white as the woman he attacked, proving that even after this year of being under racial assault by the blacks, the cops have not developed any kind of racial solidarity.

Cops just want to hurt people, and if they can’t hurt the blacks because their Democrat masters told them “no,” they will hurt you instead.

Here are two of the old woman’s daughters and a granddaughter that are suing the cops speaking about the incident:

This is clearly a normal white family just destroyed by these cops for fun.

They are like blacks, these cops. I try not to use the n-bomb on the site anymore, but the term “badge nigger” is very appropriate for what we’ve seen on these videos.

The Denver Post piece goes on to explain that the woman had done nothing wrong, there was no reason to attack here, and the attack destroyed grandma.

Prior to the arrest, the grandmother of nine lived in her own apartment within eyesight of her daughter’s backyard and happily followed a daily routine.

After the arrest, she barely communicates and her anxiety forces her into bouts of pacing and hand-wringing, the family said. Garner has never been able to tell them what happened the day of her arrest. When her family picked her up from the hospital, the family said, she repeated: “Why did they hurt me?”

Garner’s attorney, Sarah Schielke, said the video of the officers laughing about the incident was disgusting. She recommended that the rest of the family not watch it.

“These videos cannot be unseen or unheard,” Schielke said.

Hopp approached Garner on June 26 after Walmart employees called police to report that Garner tried to walk out of the store with $13 worth of merchandise. Store employees made Garner leave the merchandise at the store. Garner’s family said they believe Garner forgot to pay for the items and was confused.

Yeah, that would probably make more sense than that she was trying to steal the items, I think it’s fair to say.

It almost certainly would have been nonwhites that would have called the police in the first place.

Hopp found Garner walking home on a nearby road and took her to the ground within 30 seconds of contacting her after she refused to stop walking, body camera footage of the interaction shows. He then handcuffed her, forced her against his police cruiser and later used a hobble to restrain her feet.

Garner’s family didn’t know she had been arrested and jailed until a nurse at a hospital called them about 11:30 p.m.

“I just feel like I didn’t protect her,” Alissa Swartz, her daughter, said. “I wasn’t there to keep her safe from the police, who are supposed to protect her.”

“They could’ve walked her home,” Steward said.

They could have done a lot of things differently, yes.

I think it’s safe to say that anything would have been better than attacking and torturing her.

The police are refusing to fire the officers, and the government is refusing to press charges against them.

The body camera footage, released April 14 after Garner’s family filed a federal lawsuit, has drawn national attention to the case.

The Loveland Police Department placed Hopp on administrative leave and re-assigned Jalali to administrative duties while it investigated the incident. The Eighth Judicial District Attorney announced last week he will investigate whether the officers broke any criminal laws.

But Garner’s family doesn’t understand what is left to investigate. The videos show what happened, Steward and Swartz said. The officers should be fired and charged with a crime, they said.

“There are great police officers out there and there always will be,” Swartz said. “It’s the ones that do not do their job correctly. They want to feel that power.”

We have no reason to believe there are great police officers out there, and we certainly have no reason to believe that there always will be, as the Democrats continue the process of cleansing the police of those who they view as potentially disloyal.

But that is definitely the right-wing mind. They witness an entire department approving of this brutal incident, laughing about it, then refusing to punish the guilty, and they say: “well, I’m sure most of them are good though.”

No, no. That’s a mean meme. I don’t think that. Well, it’s not totally untrue. But it just is what it is.

As I say: you’re never going to get the majority of whites to agree that the majority of cops are just ZOGbot golems. But the more whites we have that are skeptical of the cops, the better.

The game now is simply racial survival. Whatever happens next in the world, a lot of whites are going to be wiped out, and we just have to focus on preventing extinction. A skeptical attitude of the cops is helpful to the prevention of white racial extinction.